Monday, July 2, 2012


"Would you like some of my strawberry mummy?"
"No, thank you darling."
"Are you sure mummy?" She says it with a look. A look that looks way beyond her years.
It is the look of a mother, a mother who knows that her child will change their mind frequently and without warning.
"Ok sweetie, I'll just have a little bite, thank you."
I concede.
I bite.
"Oh, that is delicious! Thank you Eve"
She smiles a satisfied smile at me and responds.
"You are welcome mummy."
And off she trots to push some strawberries on her brother, who is already half way through his first.

The next day...
I am rushing around the house, doing the dishwasher, clearing the table from breakfast and grabbing dirty clothes that the kids have scattered everywhere.
Eve follows me around and finally asks, "Mummy, what are you doing?"
I sigh.
"Just doing some washing sweetie."
She looks up and me and grabs the dirty washing basket out of my hands.
"Don't worry mummy, I'll do it."
"Oh! Thank you very much Eve, that is so nice of you to help me."
"Your welcome mummy." She says, with a big smile on her face.
"Could you please get the dirty clothes from the bathroom too darling?"
"Of course mummy!" She wanders off into the bathroom and I hear her call out to me. "All the clothes mummy? And the nappies?"
"Yes please darling, and the nappies" I call out.
"Oh dear mummy, there is a POOEY one! Oh hahaha Eli is a POOEY bum!" She bursts out into giggles and I quickly call out to her to leave the pooey one please!
I see her pop her head out of the bathroom with a basket full of washing for me to do. She looks up at me, waiting further instructions.
"Want me to take them to the machine mum?"
"Yes please, that would be great!" I beam at her, so proud of my lovely little helper.

These moments, make my heart melt.
I am so proud.

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