Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shopping Expedition & A Giveaway!

We did a little shopping yesterday.
Of course we forgot to actually get the things we went out for!
But it happens.
You see a sale.
You find the clearance section.
Your favourite clothing store has major price reductions because they are being renovated so need to clear all stock.
You find something you have been looking for.
For a long, long time.
Of course you squeal with excitement and scare your shopping buddy when you see it.

I found this set of cookbooks in Target.
I bought one of them a while ago at Big W and love it. I saw the others on the back cover and had to get them for my little budding chef.
They are not easy to find!
(Keep an eye out because since I have two copies of the one book, one will be in another giveaway!)

Typo is one of my favourite stores.
I love it.
I found the clearance section and could not resist...

Everyone needs too many sticky notes!

And stamps, ink and cute things...

The stamps are gorgeous!

It's a little DIY kit.

Of course I had to try them as soon as I finished...

These are my favourites...

And I could not resist the funky pop art....

My little girl was watching me rummage through my goodies...
So I stopped.
She had the look on her face.
"Mummy I wanna do something!"
So we found some bits and pieces....
Did a little painting...
Cutting... (Mummy did this part)
And voila!

I was inspired by a picture I found on Pinterest.
Follow me if you like.
Of course our bees have bigger heads and smaller wings.... But it's ok, she loves them so much she can barely wait for them to dry.

Now the best part of this post!
A giveaway!!!
When I picked up my little stamp set there was another sitting next to it.
I couldn't just leave it there, all alone.
So I thought...
"I'll buy it! I'll give it away to a loving home."
So here it is..

A lovely little tin sealed with DIY stamps inside ready for some inky fun.
And I'll throw in the funky pop art notepad....

It is perforated with lines..... *Swoons at papergoods*

But wait! There's more! (I know, so cheesy but I could not resist!)
I'll even throw in these cute little sausage dog sticky notes!

So this is what one lucky (random.org generated) winner will receive:

All you need to do is one of the following:
  • Comment on this post telling me what your shopping weakness is.
  • Become a follower of my blog.
  • Send a friend over here and get them to comment saying you sent them (make sure they mention your name as it appears on your profile, I would hate to not be able to contact my winner!)
  • Blog about my giveaway and include a link to post in your comment.
All of these will get you one entry each, all you need to do is comment separately for each so the random.org generator can work it's magic.

Giveaway closes in one week, on the 16th of August 2011.
Good luck to all!


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh......I want to win I do I do I do!!!!
    It has been so long I have ventured to the shops 4 ids all doing different things each day leaves little time.I love those Goodies....'I follow you "....And my shopping weakness well....Stationary...Kids clothes and I love shoes!

  2. Baby clothes.

    These are ALL weaknesses. And chocolate too :)

  3. My Shopping weakness is nail polish. Also yarn on sale, I cannot resist a yarn sale or craft supply sale.

  4. My shopping weakness, is fabric, and scrapbook paper. And like Gspinn I can not resist a sale.

  5. Oh, my shopping weakness...it's hard to pick just one!
    Stationary and stickers are probably the biggest.
    For the rest of my life, I'd never HAVE to (though I probably will) buy another journal!

  6. Clearance items!
    Even more so if it's a craft or stationary store. And clearance items (clothing, books, etc) are good to put away for birthdays & Christmas.
    Never pay full price for Christmas presents!

  7. Shoes. Love them. Lust after them. Buy them. So many.

  8. Hello! I found you via Craftster ... and now I'm following you! ^_^ I, like you, can't resist stationary ... sticky notes, note pads, pencils and pens, paperclips ... oh, I love it all! My other weaknesses are books and craft supplies - mostly yarn at the moment. I have this strange condition where I see pristine packets of beeswax, or sculpey, or beads, or thread and all I want to do is CRAFT! This has resulted in me having a *lot* of hobbies ... ^_^

  9. My weakness is anything Target. I love the store!

  10. my weakness has to be either books, or crafting supplies, i just can't help myself!

  11. My shopping weakness is cute stationary that I can really do without! :)

  12. I am also a follower via GFC :)



  13. my weakness is books. I can't go into a bookstore without wanting SOMETHING. it's so bad.

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  14. hello , well my shopping weakness is all girls stuffs youy know necless riengs also nail polish i love them

    email : nadoxie@gmail.com

  15. i foloow you via gfc as Nadox

  16. my shopping weakness is socks.. love cute socks.. and cant seem to help myself.. new ones all the time~

  17. My shopping weakness is fabric. And shoes!

  18. My shopping weakness is Clearance sales buy summer in fall fall or winter in summer whichever is on the rack

    trustjesus7771 at yahoo dot com

  19. My shopping weakness is shoes, definitely! I have way too many, but I can't seem to stop!

  20. my weakness is shoes. :-/ I have no more space in my house for them so I can't buy anymore until I get rid of some. jmmccarr@gmail.com

  21. i follow via gfc jmmccarr@gmail.com

  22. y shopping weakness is the fact that I want to buy everything!

  23. I follow through GFC and my email is peacelovemushrooms@gmail.com. Forgot to put on comment above.