Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Things

Things that make me happy...

Fresh flowers in the house...

Finding old fabric that you love...

This bird is precious to me, I have had it for many years...

I love this new glass canister I bought recently. It came filled with hard candy mints but I replaced them with special treats for my toilet training girl... (And maybe us adults when we are well behaved)

I LOVE my two-tier fruit bowl. It was given to me by a lovely friend, before we moved away. It always feels so much better when over flowing with fresh fruit...

Lego. You know I love Lego, right?
My awesome brother gave me these funky salt & pepper shakers years ago...

And you may know I have a thing for Russian dolls too? Maybe this obsession is kept a little more secret but this beautiful pin I just got for Christmas... I love her!

And on days like today, when the heat reaches that level of discomfort, I reach for a little glass spray bottle filled with a deliciously refreshing purple liquid...

It is a lovely lavender spritz my talented mother makes. It is great to have handy for a quick, relaxing cool down and feels even better if it has been kept in the fridge. Another spritz she makes is a mint one which, when cooled is the best thing to have during Summer! They never last long in our house.

Another thing I love is Op shopping, this you must know.
We desperately needed a new dining table and desk so off to Vinnies we went.
We found a lovely glass oval dining table and a perfect desk and Eve had great fun riding around outside on all the little tries, scooters and bikes they had for sale.
I had a quick scoot past the homewares section to see if I could find anything for the kid's upcoming birthday parties.
I am determined to make them extra special but without spending too much money.

You won't believe what I found....

A lovely shell-like platter, perect for Eve's Under The Sea/Little Mermaid party...
So these dishes are quite common, there were two of them there that day.
BUT wait, there is more!

A gorgeous pure white shell plate. I can envision cool mint "pearls" resting in this.
But of course I saved the best until last...

These lovely glass bowls are so beautiful. The shell pattern on them is in such detail. I fell in love and bought four. At a whole $2 each!

I was so happy with these finds, it was a real blessing that all we needed was right there waiting for us.

I couldn't leave without having a little look at the teapots and there I found the most gorgeous pot I have ever seen...

Isn't it cute?
It is tiny, with such gorgeous detailed painting, I absolutely love it.
Of course Eve does too!
She saw it and we both went "oooh" and "aaaah" together, then she ran off to find a cup to make some imaginary tea for me.

As we left with our goodies I had a sudden realization....
I hadn't even looked for anything for Eli's party!
I felt horrible.
As we got home and began to unpack, I looked up into our cupboard and spotted some bowls I had completely forgotten about...

I love these bowls. I bought them at an op shop years and years ago.
The instant I saw them I was relieved.
They will work perfectly for his The Very Hungry Caterpillar themed party!

I know I am getting in quite early with these things, but so much goes into a party I want to get as much done now as possible!

I even made a pretty cool looking triton the other day, heading off to paint it a lovely golden colour now!


  1. What great op shop finds! I will be looking at my thrift stores for some things when my fiancé and I move in together. The tale of you and your daughter bonding over the teapot is so sweet!

    –Jaclyn T
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  2. You are goin to make gorgeous parties! What about the resins you used to make some with sea shells in them could be a nice take home gift or prize? I remeber having a key chain one as a kid with tiny shells and a few ..pearls...Not real of course and I loved it!

  3. Great finds Clare! Love those shell platters. And love your glass lolly canister too!

  4. i like the black and coloured striped one!

  5. Clare!!!! At our Op shop today they had the salt and pepper shakers that match your teapot!!!! Oh I wish I had bought them now! If they are there when I go into town next time do you wnat me to grab them for you???...They never charge anything much for stuff...Probley less than $5 forboth?...I cannot believe it!

    1. Oh really??? Yes please!! I am in love with this little teapot, it is just too cute, I'd love a little set of S&P shakers to match. Thanks hun! :)

    2. Ok....Probley go Friday as I am having regrets bout some things I did'nt buy for myself...**grin** WEhatever they have in the matching I will grab...pretty sure just the s&p but mabey a SUgar bowl???

    3. Hehe you sound like me! We would be a dangerous op shopping duo! :) I would love any matching bits please!