Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Food Like This Puts A Smile On My Face.....

My days have been full of so much lately...

Finding new ways of keeping little Eve entertained,
Cooking up delicious (and usually healthy) meals for us all,
Keeping on top of the everyday chores while battling against an awkward belly and minimal energy....
The list really does go on!

My last 24 hours have been of unpacking, washing, folding, finding places for things in an already full unit and slowly getting all the baby stuff slightly organized.

Though I feel like a hippo most days I am apparently measuring small...

Some minor success in the kitchen for Valentine's Day...

The second time making profiteroles and the first time I was happy with them! They were delicious!

Then of course an old classic...

"Cupcake Pops" But I do mine a little different and call them truffles so no one gets too confused.

Dinner tonight...

Delicious Salmon With Sesame & Coriander Crust.
I have been waiting a long time with this sitting in my freezer but every time I went to defrost it our plans had changed and we had guests for dinner.
So I waited.....
It was worth it!

But this is still the most fun part of my day...

My gorgeous girl.
She loves asking us to read to her, but it is even more sweet when she gathers us on the couch and reads to us.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Weekly Meal Plan

You may have noticed that I like to cook.
My latest goal has been to try out new recipes, hoping to add some to the pile of family favourites.

I thought I'd share our weekly meal plan for this week with you.
This week I am trying to empty out some of the food we have in our freezer.
Since we moved we couldn't bring our lovely big freezer with us so we are back to the tiny one with our fridge.
This can create problems since I like to buy meat when it is marked down and freeze it and my dear husband likes to buy tubs of ice cream :)
So this week our meals look like this:

SUNDAY: Vegetarian Boscaiola (Use meat free "bacon")

Savoury "Mince" (Using my vegetarian nut meat, very healthy stuff) with rice.

Honey, Sesame & Garlic Chicken Drumsticks (marked down to $2.60 for 6) With Rice and Veges.

Burgers With The Lot (Baking fresh bread rolls for these)

Fish Fillets With Roast Veges

Chicken/Vege Laksa

Salmon Steaks With Rice and Steamed Veges

Of course I also like to do a little snack food cooking with Eve, it helps keep her busy, gives her something new to try and keeps the hubby happy too!
Last week I made these:

The recipe is for a slice but I wanted single serves to avoid the massive pieces my hubby dishes up.
The recipe is HERE and if you are confused at what wheat breakfast biscuits are they are an Australian cereal but you can substitute corn flakes in instead and it is still super yummy.

Not everything is sweet though, I also made this to use up some ham:
Zucchini, Carrot and Ham Slice.
I added some cheese to give it a little more flavour.

I also like to make breakfast a little more tasty than just toast or cereal so this week I'll be making these Pear, Banana & Cinnamon Pikelets.
Though I do alter the recipe a little by using regular flour and adding an egg or two to help the batter hold and cook better.

Do you have any favourite recipes you'd like to share?
I'm looking for cheap and easy ones!