Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hello Cold Snap!

The heavy clouds that loomed in the sky for a week finally disappeared.....
Then the real Winter weather came along!

Frosty footprints....

Let the thawing begin!

Even weeds look pretty covered in icicles.....

Icy puddle.

The water in our pipes is frozen this morning so no water for us!

Yesterday we had a big day of cleaning and re-arranging. The study door now closes! We had to have the computer so close to the doorway so internet cables would reach but with some clever arranging it is now tucked under the computer desk. Much better! Now our guests can close their door and keep a little warmer!
I got stuck into Eve's room, cleaning and packing away old baby toys and clothes.
I moved her cot, swapped out her drawers for bigger ones and took out the archair I used to feed her in.
I'll take photos today and then you can see the window quilt I made for in there which has made a big difference in keeping the heat in!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Isn't It Funny?

Last night I asked my husband a difficult question...
"Should I make a chocolate cake or use the plain cake packet mix?"
He straight away went for chocolate.
No surprise there.
Then I said to him...
"But I could do something cool with the plain one, I could do cupcakes, pretty cupcakes....RAINBOW CUPCAKES!!!"
We decided to do both!
The chocolate cake was easy, fast and done in no time, iced and in the fridge ready for whenever a sugar hit was needed.
The cupcakes we seperated the batter, coloured and spooned out...
We chatted while we cooked and I threw around the idea that we keep the cake and take the cupcakes to church the next morning.
I had wanted to do some yummy cooking for church before but never had the time.
We decided yes, we would take them with us to share with all our wonderful friends.....
But we had a problem....
There were not enough cupcakes from that one mix...
So we pulled out my cupcake recipe book and mixed up a plain cupcake batter, coloured and poured.
They came out a bit greasy from the huge amount of butter and didn't rise quite as much and were a lot darker..... But still yummy!

We arrived at church right as it was starting, as usual, and I ran off to the kitchen to leave the cupcakes down there for after the service.
When it came time to head on down to morning tea our friend came up to us and asked if we had seen another lady there. Apparently they had switched kitchen duty so she didn't bring any food and the other lady hadn't shown up.
Well, good thing we brought the cupcakes!
They didn't last long.......

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Very Sick Household

This week has been a sniffly one.....
Poor Eve got sick from another child at our playgroup and it got worse and worse....
Little girl would not eat, only drink watered down juice.
For one whole day she was so miserable looking, she just wanted cuddles.
She couldn't walk straight, her nose constantly run and she sneezed and coughed her way through the day.
But we were there to give her as many cuddles as she needed.

She was feeling much better today, she managed to eat a little food and was much happier and talkative.
Pity me and the husband are now horribly sick!

My week got worse when I heard some sad news.
My Great Nana had passed away.
I was very upset.
I had wanted Eve to meet her but we never had the money to fly down to Melbourne to visit.
She never got to meet her Great Great Grandchild. But I did take some comfort in knowing that all the photos I had sent her were up on her wall of family pics.
But life must go on.....
So I made comfort food...

Did not help at all but it sure tasted good.

Here are the pencil case photos I promised in my last post...

Of course I drew the flowers and leaves, she scribbled some pretty bits here and there.

Anyway I am dragging my sick self to bed.
Night all.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

She gets it from her father....

I heard nothing.
When she goes quiet it is usually because she is up to something...
Then I heard the beep of the Playstation 3 turning on....
I asked my hubby if he turned it on.
No, he was on the computer...
I walked into the loungeroom and found the culprit!

I had to laugh, she was flicking through the menu, having a blast.

I dug up a box of crafty stuff from the shed and out popped this...
Know what it is?

Beeswax! I found half a sheet of plain and 1/4 sheet of this beautiful colour.

After Eve had so much fun at Play & Stay drawing I decided to make her a pencil case for the packet of textas I had found.
I got her to sit down with me and draw with some crayons on a piece of calico.
Though I did most of the drawing, she was very distracted and wanted to eat, step on and show daddy the crayons rather than draw.
But she did put a few scribbles on there.
Then I ironed the crayon into the fabric and away I went....

I finished the pencil case last night but it was a bit of a challenge since my sewing machine is broken. I used hemming web and hand sewed a simple drawstring bag for her.
No photos of the finished yet but I will take some today.

Here's a hint of something else I have made recently as a present for someone...


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Family Fun

We have had some visitors the last few days so of course I slacked off in the blogging department.
So much fun we had!
The front yard was full of big crispy leaves which we just had to run through....

Though the leaves weren't quite so appealing earlier in the morning.....

But this demanding girl tantrumed until we went out to play every day...

(Oh yes she does tantrums REALLY well!)

But she really had so much fun.
And so did we!
Such serious people we are....

Friday, June 4, 2010

Cookies and A Cutie

My tummy has been grumbling at me.
My cup of deliciously warm tea looked lonely.
So I made some Coconut Jam Drop Cookies.

They must have looked good as someone managed to sneak up while I was taking photos....

So I bit one in half, taking the sugar filled jam and gave her the rest...

She even wiped those pesky crumbs off her jumper :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nap Time Activities

Today my laptop died.
The battery I mean.
No big deal..... If my charger wasn't busted.
The cable on the charger had been slowly falling apart but I had managed to fix it with tape, you just had to move slowly near it or it would click back to battery and frustrate the crap outta me!
Silly me must have left it and bumped as I went as when I returned the screen was blank, lights were off, nobody home.

Good thing we had found a replacement charger on ebay for $11 with free postage. Weeee!! Now I just have to wait 7-14 days for arrival. Hmmm!
So my usual nap time freedom is taken up by relaxing in bed, surfing the net on my trusty lappy, reading blogs, oogling at other crafty goodies and checking my emails.
Today I must say I was lost. I wandered around the house contemplating what to do...
I walked out to the letterbox and got the mail.
Hmm 5mins down....40 to go....

So I decided to just sit at my crafty desk space and fiddle with whatever I found.

I found a jumper I had begun to sew for Eve at my mum's place and had stopped after my attempt at stencilling in a hurry had bled through and made an awful mess.
So this is what I came up with to hide the hideous:

And yes, there will be matching elbow pads!

I just need to sew it all on and finish the neck and sleeve openings with ribbing.

Then I found some ribbons, fake flowers and super glue..... Mix that with some of my resin pieces and voila!

Of course just as I finish typing this the little girl has woken up......