Friday, March 26, 2010

It's A Jungle In Here!

Lately I have been doing so many fun things. Such as cleaning.....
Ok so that part was not so fun. The sorting of boxes in our shed was not so fun (and I am not even close to being finished!).
But there was a fun part...
Discovering all the crafty goodies I had packed away in boxes.
So far I have washed a basket full of yarn. Slow process! They are all still out in the fresh air drying slowly.
With all this organisation of things our computer/crafty room is starting to look like a small bomb went off in there. Not only is it already dark and gloomy, now it is messy, dark & gloomy.
The first day of cleaning I uncovered the desk. Who knew it was even there?!
Then came the sorting and rolling up of fabrics, wiping out storage containers and rearranging everything to more sensible homes. (Though I am still struggling to remember were I put anything!)

I noticed I had lots of small 'things' just floating around.
So I pulled out some of my preserving jars and started to fill them.


Vintage and new lace.

Then I sorted through a mountain of crafty magazines and pulled out pattern sheets, cut out pages and put them in plastic sheets. Now I just need a binder....

This retro beauty!

Why furniture?

I fell instantly in love with this embroidery pattern and it is on my very long list of things I want to do....

While washing the yarn I discovered a bag full of lace....

With some little things I have been wanting for ages!

And these little felt whimsies. Aren't they cute? I have no idea what to do with them yet!

There was also a pile of crochet trims and doilies.

The trims I would like to use some and add them to necklines of old plain shirts.

My main project at the moment is a beautiful quilt for my beautiful pregnant step sister, had sewn the strips together a while ago but today sewed some strips of vintage lace next too the seams. Looks cute so far!

Monday, March 15, 2010

When The Internet Is Down...

Today our internet was down.
All day.
My husband called up our provider, but they were quite wishy washy and full of excuses, saying it should be working fine.
Well it was not.
I did not want to spend hours on hold waiting to try and clear things up so I decided to wait until the smart husband arrived home.

So while my baby girl slept, I sanded, wiped, sanded, scraped, glued and buffed and here is what I have:

(I did not murder the butterfly, my hubby accidently drove into it. found it on the ground after falling off the front of the car. Poor thing was too beautiful to leave there)

Plastic from inside an old keyboard. I love the way this turned out.

Some beautiful Japanese fabric I have.

The Queen of Hearts!

I found these cute navy blue bows and had to experiment....

Pesky bubble!

Cute fabric!

I'm pretty happy with them, I think the cute fabric ones are my favourite, though I'd never wear them, they are just not me. :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

So Many Projects, So Little Time...

I have had some issues with my sewing machine lately. Mainly tension issues, needle snapping and me putting any old random one I could find in. Not sure that was a good idea as I now need to do a lot of fiddling to get it back to normal.

Here is a cushion I made for a friend before the issues arose:

And my little stuffie rabbit:

(Trying to blend in with the junggle animals-not working)

I also made a stuffie puppy for Eve but it is in her room and she is sleeping. There is NO WAY I am risking waking her up! Poor darling has had a flu virus thing and cut her third tooth the other night too. It is her left upper fang! She looks so funny.

A work in progress skirt made with a tonne of panels and I still have a few more to add....Just need some new fabric....Ok well I don't need but I do want!

A corset style top I found hidden in a box I had started a long time ago, I fixed up some hems and stitching which had come undone and started to add this cool trim...

And then a very easy no sew (except for one tiny bit hand sewn) chain necklace. I found the tutorial here:

I used some red and black pvc I had lying around, the photo really does not bring out the bright reddness.

It is soft and comfortable and I really like it. :)

My garden has been thriving lately. I have been picking beans every day.

Picking my mini corn every few days. This photo was taken a week or so ago and they are all much bigger and have been producing lots of yummy mini cobs for us!

My pumpkin is getting bigger.

Had these yummy squash for dinner last week.

Lots more coming!

Picked these baby carrots but they weren't very nice, don't think they got enough water...

I love the silks on the corn, such a pretty colour...

Genghis has been a sad puppy, moping around so I have let her hang aound a bit more with me. She needs the company.

And this little girl has a new fun game she likes to play with all her food.
Rub it in the har, all over the face, highchair and then sit on it so it squishes into my pants and stains all my new clothes.

Phew well that was a long post! I am off to snuggle up under our big fluffy doona with my man and watch something together.

Any suggestions to a good comedy movie to watch??

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Very Sad Day

Yesterday we lost our beautiful little Jack Russell, Lily. She was only 4 years old.
It all happened very fast.
I had been outside gardening with her by my side and our baby girl had been chatting to her through the back door most of the day.
But as I went out to hang up our washing I saw her under our big tree, convulsing and unable to stand up, panting heavily.
I went and got her some water which she would not drink and as I got closer I could see that something had happened and we needed to get her to the vet fast.
I called my husband and he rushed home from work. I sat on our back step cuddling her while I waited.
He was home in minutes and we piled into the car and zoomed up to the vet.
As we walked in and told the man behind the counter she was fitting, he jumped up and we ran into a room where she was put on a table and suddenly there were 5 other staff in there surrounding her.
She was burning up so they put her on a drip to cool her down and hoped that would stop the fitting. They said it was most likely from the heat.
As we stood there staring at them running around, Eve kept saying "D, D, D, Do!"
She knew that our puppy dog was there. She loved her.
I had to take Eve home as it was her feed time and if I waited any longer she would have been screaming.
After two hours of trying to get Lily to stop fitting they decided to put her on a light anesthetic. She was still twitching and they had come to the conclusion that it was most likely a rare disease young dogs can get which affect their brain. We had the choice of sending her to the nearest big town for bloodwork to be done which would cost us $3000 and the chance of her surviving were slim. If she did survive she would be a vegetable after the damage done by all tthe fitting.
Our other option was to put her to sleep.
We went up, said our goodbyes and had a little cuddle.
The house is empty without her, our other dog keeps pacing up and down the fence, looking for her. Even our goat has been crying out for her little friend.
We miss her, she was our little furry baby, very spoilt and very loved.