Thursday, February 26, 2009

More cooking fun.

Today has been another long day-cooking of course!

I made some yummy vege pasta bake to add to the freezer full of food.

Then I made some slice for the road trip this weekend.
(Can't go driving without yummy food!)

Then made this yummy stir fry for dinner.....Mmmm...

And now I am enjoying a tasty treat which I finished today.
Somehow I always end up covered in chocolate when I do dipping!

Now pretend you aren't jealous of my dessert! :D

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sticky mess and baby brain...

So the last few days have been a bit crazy. I have been sick, hubby has been sick and I have had severe baby brain. Then this morning as I was taking some photos, the little knob too change setting on our camera fell off! Ahhhh! Nooooo! I can still change it around if I whip out a sharp pointy knife and fiddle a bit. But I honestly think me and sharp knives should go on a 'break' for a while.....

I went on a crazy cooking spree a few days ago. Whipped out the pie maker, enlisted hubby to help (no easy feat!) and started cranking out pies like crazy. Of course the kitchen was an absolute mess (sadly still is) but we now have a freezer full of pies.
During this pie frenzy, hubby pulled out the last of the muesli slice and gobbled it down. I had a great idea and thought what they hey, I'll whip up some more! So I pulled everything out, throwing bits and pieces into a bowl and hastily mixing, while our not so fantastic oven slowly heated.
I managed to be patient this time and not melt the choc chips and added a bit more honey (he likes it sweeeet) and chocolate powder. Pressed into pan and away we go, in the oven and baking away.
Few things I should have done:
  • Set a timer! Ah oops!
  • Not rely on hubby to let me know if its done yet.
  • Realized that when I pulled the burnt sticky mess out of the oven that hubby needs lessons on how to tell if something is burning.
Of course I went off to lie down (being hugely pregnant can get tiring) and forgot about it entirely. After about an hour or two I suddenly remembered, jumped out of bed yelling "SSLLIIIIICCEE" among many other not so pretty words.
I pulled it out, inspecting it closely. It didnt look so bad! Nicely brown on top, a little crusty on the sides, but hey-this could be ok! Then the smell hit me......Oh, maybe not so ok.
The bottom was burnt, only a few milimetres of slice was edible. Here is my new self defense weapon:

After chasing my dogs down (they like to sneak out under the fence) I rummaged for some more giveaway goodies. There I found this tangled mess:

This might take a while to fix!

We have had some nice weather, rainy and cold. So much better than the heat-i love it. And one evening I spotted this out the back window and had to go take some photos...

So we took the dogs out for a run around. I really wish they'd stay still.......

So I could get a good......

Photo of them....

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Raspberry Friands and a preview of the next freebies.

Today I did some more cooking. Creamy chicken & vege pies for the hubby and some yummo raspberry friands for us both.
I have to admit I did use a packet mix for the friands, simply because they were marked down to $2 (from $5) and I thought they'd make a good addition to the already full freezer of yummy foods.
And of course because I was bored and felt like decorating them they have little love hearts. Awww......

And after all the rummaging yesterday I found these little beauties:

They are two pendants and one fridge magnet. So yummy and fruity!
They will be the next giveaway, just thought I'd give you a sneak peek before putting them up on Craftster for all to see!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Choc Muesli Slice Recipe

Back again!
Thanks for all the lovely comments :)

Anyway, onto the recipe!

  • 3 heaped tsps honey
  • 100grams butter
  • 2 cups oats
  • 1 1/2 cups coconut
  • 3/4 cup plain flour
  • 1 cup dark choc chips
  • Place all dry ingredients into a bowl and mix. Make a little well in the centre.
  • Slowly melt butter and honey and stir together.
  • If you want the choc to melt, pour hot butter/honey mixture in and stir around. If not, try to be patient (didn't work for me!) and wait for the butter mixture to cool. You may need to add extra butter.
  • Stuff into a greased cake tin, tray whatever you feel like baking in.
  • Place in 180 degreesC oven for about 20-30mins. Check to see if browned.
  • Remove from oven and go somewhere you can't smell it or you will end up with a burnt tongue. :D
Hope you enjoy the slice!

Muesli slice

So the last few days I have been cooking up a storm!
The kitchen looks like a cyclone has come and gone. And the meany even left me dirty dishes! So rude.

Anyway, I have been trying to prepare for the wonderful arrival of our first baby. So since on a good day I don't have the energy to cook I figured that when baby comes the chances of me cooking a healthy meal is pretty slim.

Thus started the days of making meals to freeze. Lasagne, casserole, pasta sauce....This doesn't sound like much, but since I am a vego and hubby is not I have had to prepare meaty and non meaty versions.

I also noticed that my man's new obsession with muesli bars was becoming an expensive habit. So I set to work in the kitchen, digging things out of the pantry to see what I could come up with.....And tada!

We bought one thing (choc chips-he has a sweet tooth!) and spent a total of $1.39 for this slice (since everything else we already had). Of course you can't see the choc chips because as usual I got too impatient and added the butter hot, melting them into the mix. Oops!

I did happen to jot down what I did if anyone is interested, you can find it over HERE

So here I go again...

So finally after so long I have decided to get this blog thing back up and running.

We moved. Had no internet. Got married (oh and pregnant!). Moved for the second time. Just for funsies we moved again. Have internet. Happy endings all round!

Decided to do a few things different this time. Will be clearing my stash of never ending resin and other creations that are lurking around. So expect some freebies. Woohoo! it is.....the beginning!