Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fresh Listings

Yay I have managed to list some more items in my Etsy today. Was very happy to see yesterday I had sold two of my pendants!
I have so many more to put up there, just getting there slowly!
Here are the newbies.....

Beautiful vintage fabric pendant.

Sugar overload pendant.

Kiss Me Sweet Valentine pendant.

And this is what I saw when checking on the little girl yesterday. She was so tired and so grumpy and fell asleep with her bum in the air! Too cute!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Just a bit more resin....No way!

I have had some mould issues.......They have been resinated, frozen, beaten. Put that on repeat a few times and I guess it was inevitable they would eventually break down.
The latest batch had the mould sticking to them, in lots of tiny pieces. So I spent a long time picking away at it with a pin, then getting impatient and scraping off with a sharp knife. It worked, but has left some very small scratches. Time for new moulds!

Hopefully today I will find some time to play with more.....
So what do you guys think? My favourite would have to be the "I love my geek".
Because I really do love my geek)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fresh Out Of The Mold

Some new resin pieces I popped out today....

Played around with my new cross mould...

I have some more in the freezer waiting to be unstuck.... Will post soon!
So what do you think?
Do you think the top two would be better as fridge magnets or pendants?


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finally Some Freedom!

For the last few days I have been stuck in the house.
Sick. Cough cough.
Rain. Trying to mow lawn before landlord goes nuts on us.
Broken tap. Being given a time frame of "today or maybe tomorrow". Unable to leave because of wishy washy plumber. (Yeah I did say that and I know it is bad!)
Plumber finally came. So did bath time.
Did I mention it was the hot tap that was dribbling away for hours?
We turned the water off, but then was told to leave it on while the waiting game was being played.
The kettle was utilized.
The baby cried. Tired, grumpy, hungry.
The bath was filled, shallow.
At the end of the day I sighed as I made my way to a hot shower.
Oh yeah....It heats up overnight. No hot shower for me.

Today as my first day of freedom (though I am still sick I just HAD to get out) I went for a walk and took some photos on the way....

Then I did a bit of light reading....

I LOVE this book. It was the best Christmas gift ever.

I realized for the first time since school I am actually using the diary I bought....

Maybe because it has such pretty photos of things I yearn for...

Someday I will bring in a basket of fresh veges from my garden.

In the waiting I also finally glued magnets to my resin coated scrabble tiles I made so long ago. I was going to make them into a necklace but I love them on the fridge.

They fit in so well with my other resin magnets...

And after days of trying to figure out why my camera would not connect to my laptop I tried it with our big desktop....And amazingly it worked fine! The laptop is pretty stuffed and full of nasty things so the lovely husband is wiping it tonight. He is just waiting for me to get off the computer......

Saturday, January 16, 2010

We Have Winners!

Thank you to everyone who entered!
It was great to read so many comments and ideas for changes for my shop.
I have already started to implement a few changes.
I played around in photoshop for a while and have created a few banners so sometime soon I would love to post them and get people to vote on which they like best. I am terrible aat choosing as Ican't help liking the all!
I am trying to regularly add new items, I do have lots waiting to be done but I have been so super busy.
My father (who lives in London) came over for a visit the last few days and finally got to meet his granddaughter. It was a great few days I wish were much longer.

And now onto the fun part!
I have done ye olde write names on paper and draw from hat method as I have seen way too many doomsday/terminator/robot movies to trust computers with such an important task.
Yes my imagination can run away with me but I promise you I am not insane. Well not completely insane. :)

So the names were ready in the hat.....

And here is the winner of the Apple & Orange Pendant Set:


And the winner of the Pear & Orange Pendant Set:


Congratulations to the winners, I will be contacting you to get addresses and send your pendants out on Monday!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Think I'm In Love....

Etsy is a wonderful place full of so many treasures. I have spent hours burying myself in these treasures, wishing, wanting and craving.
I stumbled upon this awesome seller Innerearthsoaps and it was love at first sight.

The Lemon Vanilla teases me with its delicious scent, I think this one I would be tempted to eat!

The Charcoal Complexion looks amazing and sounds like it could do my poor little face some good!

And I love My Sweet Heart! It would be a perfect Valentine's day gift. I would give it to my man just to see him politely put it in the shower and let me use it all for him. Aww sweetness.

And for those of us who have trouble deciding between all the yummy soaps she has to offer.....There is the Soap Sampler Pack. Perfect for guests too, show them some love with handmade soap, they will fell spoilt!

Her blog keeps you up to date on what she has been making.....And provides many more photos to drool over!
And if you would like to use Aussie dollars you can visit her other shop here.

Thank you so much to Erin from Innerearthsoaps for letting me use her photos and giving me permission to go on a little rant about her soaps.

Now I am going back to bed, it has been an exhausting morning after an exhausting day. We had a wedding yesterday and my newly acquired cold has been bothering me a bit too.
Hopefully today I will manage to list some new stuff in my shop but since we have church, then most likely some chatting with the friends afterwards and then cleaning to do I might have to wait until tonight when the little one is asleep.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Newly Listed Goodies

Freshy listed in my Etsy shop late last night....

Sweet Candy Who Can Resist?

Egyptian Pendant

Bright Happy Blue Puzzle Pendant

Fruity Orange Slice Pendant

What do you guys think?
I have a TONNE of fruity pieces.
Have to say they are some of my favourite, just too cute!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lasagne, beads and batteries!

I finally found our battery charger after a painful week of relying on my phone camera.
I found the last photo I took......

It was the tuna lasagne I made last week for dinner. And boy was it tasty!

I have been experimenting with beads lately, as a neighbour gave me some beautiful glass ones for Christmas. Here's what I have done so far....

Do you like?
I am totally addicted!

Now back to the awful photos.....
I have done a bit of cooking in the last few days. I have found a great recipe for bread which is so easy and tastes amazing. I use half regular flour and half wholemeal freshly ground from my mum. It is the softest wholemeal bread I have ever tasted.

Sitting on the wondowsill risen and ready to come out.....

Into the baking tin and ready to rise again...

Risen and ready to bake....

Fresh from the oven and ready to eat!

Mmm spread it with some butter and yum!

Then I slice it up and freeze for the next few days...
I also made a big tray of jam & coconut slice which was cut up and frozen too for all those late night cravings!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Peach Hunting

Yesterday out of sheer desperation for some 'quiet time' I took my daughter for a walk around the oval behind our house. Next to the oval is a gravel road and on the other side of that is an abandoned house on a large (and beautiful) property. At least a few acres there!
The house is falling apart, with an old brick chimney slanting off the wall, window frames bent out of their holes. It has this strange creepy look to it, though I am sure it was once beautiful with it's coloured glass windows.
While walking I noticed our neighbour passing the house, stopping and digging around in a big bushy tree next to the house. I was curious.
I followed my usual route and ended up passing the spot where he had been and there I saw it.
The BIGGEST peach tree I have ever seen!

And it was dripping with fruit just begging to be picked. I looked up and it reached past the roof of the house, and went back half the length of the house, with a nectarine tree tucked behind. It is probably two trees, maybe three, but here is a photo (with my over 6" husband to show you the size).

Yes, he had the look on his face of "Wow she wasn't lying-it is HUGE! All that fruit, where to start??"
I had picked a few yesterday but it seemed that the biggest, most ripe ones were just out of reach, over the fence line.
So when my husband got home I told him about this tree and that we had to go back tomorrow and sneak in to grab some more.......
I did......
We went over, I slid between the wires of a very run down fence and grabbed a bag full of peaches. They are now outside in the lovely warmth ripening slowly.
But now what to do with them????
Should I preserve them?
Cook with them?
Make jam?

After I hauled my bag into the bottom of the pram we set off home, passing the horses nearby.
Our lovely and very brave little dog decided she wanted to investigate this horse. And then give it a big sloppy kiss on the nose!

I was so busy trying to catch the moment (have to use my camera on my phone as we are out of batteries for the big one) when I looked up....

No! Wait for meeeeee!!

Finally arrived home and had to go check on my veges. After a week straight of rain (and me managing to put some seeds in the ground) everything is starting to look so green and grow so fast.

My yummy little squash.

Come on cucumber, you can do it! I want to EAT YOU!!!! Mwahahaha!!

Now I am off to look for my drill. I have so many pieces that need sanding and drilling and all the rest but I cannot find my drill anywhere! I let a friend borrow it, got it back and then it disappeared. Maybe it liked her house better than ours and has run away from home.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Time for some freebies!

So here it is, the first giveaway of the year (ha ha I am SO funny!)
Up for grabs are two sets of pendants made by moi.
If you would like to be the owner of either this:

Or this:

All you have to do is:
  • Visit my etsy store and tell me what you think (be honest, it's ok I am a big girl I can handle the truth) You will find it HERE.
  • Comment on this post and tell me which pendant set you would like to win (apple or pear set).
Please don't forget to leave me some way of contacting you too!
If you would like a bonus entry then all you have to do is become a follower of my blog.
Entries close in two weeks (14th Jan) and I'll enlist the help of my husband to randomly draw a winner.
Good luck everyone!