Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Eve Marrie

My little baby girl was born 24th April at 2:12am!
She came a few days early and we finally arrived home with her yesterday.
I will probably be a little bit busy with her so new posts on here will be limited.
I have learnt the fine art of prioritizing and at the moment after her and hubby it is SLEEP!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Amazingly cute GIVEAWAY!

I just happened to stumble upon this amazing crafter who currently has a giveaway on her blog.
You MUST check her out here:
And have a look at her shop here:
She has the cutest little clothes!

Banana bread

A few days ago I had some banana bread from the local cafe.
It reminded me just how damn tasty it is!
But I am a fussy eater (understatement!) and all the recipes I have tried gave a crumbly, more like a cake than bread result.
Nothing like the dense, moist deliciousness that the cafe has.
I went on a mission.
I HAD to find a good recipe!
I stumbled upon this one:
I read the ingredients and wondered but thought I should give it a go.
And this was the tasty result:

It is just as promised!
Moist and dense and oh so tasty!
The crumbly topping is so good I am glad I didn't omit it.
I have already chopped, wrapped and popped most of it in the freezer for after baby comes.
It was tough finding room in the huge freezer full of food, I will have to take some photos to show you how crazy I have been with the cooking.
I managed to get the hubby to help me make well over 30 pies the other day.
It was very messy but fun!

Last night while I was snuggled up in font of the tv (it has been COLD!) I worked on some of my resin pieces that are almost finished and made some new ones too. I'll be getting back to those soon.

Found out the hard (and ugly) way that blonde hair does NOT suit me!
Oh and that I had waaaay too much dark dye in my tips.
The end result was a blonde top with burnt red tips.
It did look kinda cool but I had run out of dye and there were some brown patches which just looked silly.
Oh and the whole blonde with dark brown eyebrows is NEVER ok!
So while I sit here typing my hair is going a nice dark black, the chosen 'back up' dye in case it all went horribly wrong.
I am glad the poor public didn't have to see that terrible mess!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Some amazing etsy sellers you should check out...

This morning I have been stuck on Etsy browsing, promoting and even buying.
I just HAD to have a necklace made by this very talented person:

I am popping the rest of the shops at the bottom of the page for you to check out. Very talented people!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Op Shop Finds...

I actually managed to get the hubby to take me to the local Op Shop yesterday and I found these cute little things:

Some cute flannel for some sewing projects....Hmm more nappies?

Such a cute little cow on the pillowcase!

A super soft little jacket-this baby's wardrobe is so much bigger than mine!

This I just couldn't resist! Such a beautiful knitted dress with a matching bonnet:

Just thought I'd share the goodies-I love Op Shopping! Now I am off to finish my stencil and write up a tutorial to pop on here.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Rain, Glorious Rain!

Last night the dark clouds finally decided to break.
It rained all night, and most of today.
The best weather for snuggling in bed.
But no, I decided to take photos of all the pretty wet things outside.

Once the rain stopped suddenly there were flies EVERYWHERE.
Hmmm I don't like flies!

Mmmm rusty wet pipe....

Even the tap was wet! Gasp!

Then these little furry things kept following me around....

So easy to take photos of when they don't notice...
Then they realize and start pushing each other away for more attention.

Oh they love to pull on the sad faces!

Finished this stencil yesterday:

And here's the latest crochet project I'm working on:

So pretty and colourful!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Crochet, Clothes, Resin And An Echidna!

Last night as I was scouring the internet for cute free crochet or sewing patterns (need some new ones!) I heard a rather strange noise outside our window. It sounded like one of our dogs had escaped and was rustling in the grass outside.
So I went to investigate.
I turned the light on and saw nothing.
I leaned over the verandah and heard the noise again.
What the??
Still I couldn't see anything.
So I grabbed the torch....
Still nothing.
I went back inside, settled back to the computer when all of a sudden our dogs started barking like crazy.
So I went out the back and told them to shush it.
Seconds later they were barking again.
I went back outside and they were trying to get to something under the house.
Lucky there are wooden slats to stop them from going under and escaping.
I heard the rustling noise again.
What was it?!?!
So I grabbed the torch, and then the husband, and went out to investigate.
We weren't expecting to find.....An Echidna!!

The poor thing was so scared as the dogs were on the other side of the fence sniffing, barking and squeezing their noses through to poke it.
I wanted to get a cute photo but of course our batteries had died so all I had was my mobile phone-not the best but better than nothing!
It was so cute digging it's way into the grass clippings, it's tiny nose poking out and wiggling around.
After wondering what to do and deciding it would be fine, just keep the dogs away, we locked the furry ones in the laundry for the night.
Sadly this morning our spiky friend had gone.

Have finished a few more things over the last few days.
Like this capelet that was supposed to be a dress but the pattern turned out weird and I ran out of wool. With a matching beanie of course!
I finally used one of my vintage buttons for the back closure too!

Some sewing I have been doing. Doesn't look quite as good on the floor as it does hanging.
But hey, I made my own very rough pattern and just made it up as I went so I think they turned out kinda cute.
The fabric was an awesome op shop find-a big nightie I bought for me which didn't end up fitting over my bump.
The skirt was going to have one big ruffle all the way around, but I liked the little bustle thing at the back better.

And here is a whole tonne of resin pendants I have just finished the final touches on:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So you may have noticed the Etsy thingy on my blog now.....
Well I finally got around to opening up the shop again.
It was one of those days where you sit and number crunch and go "OH! We need money!" and then have a little panic attack under the doona.

So I got busy listing stuff (have done some more today) and I was so surprised when I sold my very first item about 30mins after listing it! I was so happy! I never expected the first sale to happen so fast as I have heard a lot of stories of people waiting for a long time and really struggling with it.

But not only did I do the Etsy yesterday, I also finished off this taggie cube:

And here's a sneak peek at more to come in my Etsy store:

Now it is nap time.....It has been an early morning after a late night of computer problems.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oh for the love of crochet!

So silly forgetful me!
I found all these little bits floating around from the last few days.
And mr octopus who is my wonderful model finally gets a full photo!
He is quite plain but the fabric is so super soft with tiny little bumps.

And of course the perfect model for my crochet mary janes!

And i think Tigger really likes the new beanie I made today...

New bag, matching wallet and zipper pouch.

Over the last two days I have been doing even more sewing.
After having some mouse issues at home (terribly long and HORRIBLE story which involves me waking up to hear mice in my handbag hanging right next to my head) I decided that I needed a new bag.
The old one smelt like mice.
They have a horribly distinctive smell.
This smell also soaked into my wallet which I made for myself a long time ago.
So I rummaged through my fabric and came up with this:

I didn't use any pattern, just kinda made it up as I went along.
I knew I wanted something not too silly (most of my cute fabrics are rather silly) and versatile.
So I went with my yummy wine coloured cord (which I bought an an op shop for $1 and got at least 2 metres of!) and some pretty butterfly quilting fabric which has been lying around looking at me.

Put in some side pockets.....

Here's the pretty front bit....

Those two photos show the cord colour the best-it is so rich and yummy!
And since I went for such a 'grown up' look for the outside I had to combat it with some pretty cupcakes on the inside!

Then I made this wallet out of the butterfly fabric...

(Yes my sewing machine decided to annoy me just as I was finishing!)
And here's the inside....

I also had the brainy idea of putting in a slot for pens-they always get lost in my bag!
Other things that like to get lost in my bag are:
Lip Balm
Hair Clips
Hair Elastics
Pain Killers

So I made this little zipper pouch to pop them in...

I love the fabric! It was yet another op shop find.
Now my bag looks so organized it doesn't look like it could possibly be mine!!!