Saturday, July 21, 2012

I Love Good Freebies

I know everyone loves freebies...
But I love good ones.
Many a time have I been fooled into a 'click here' or 'subscribe now', only to receive a lacklustre freebie.
Then of course comes the bombardment of whatever email account you surrendered with never-ending spam.
So when I come across good freebies, I do a little happy dance...

Now go and have a look at the beautiful Florabella Collection website.
You will see lots of pretty edited photos and photo boards.
And a little link to some freebies.
It will lead you to her Facebook page.
And when you 'Like" her page, you have access to some goodies.

One is a free Facebook timeline template.
It is cute and super easy to use.
I whipped one up for my personal page...

Cute, hey?

So head on over and make one for yourself!


  1. You bear a striking resemblance to Tina Fey hahaha!

  2. Thanks for sharing this....will go and check it out :)