Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best Ever Potato Bake Dinner

Last night I rummaged through the pantry, dove head first into the fridge, looking for something for dinner.
The fridge was a sorry state.
Soft, bendy carrots, cauliflower that was not so white anymore and a white cucumber, slightly wrinkled.
This is what happens when you go away for a few days and leave food by itself.
The pantry was much more promising. Pototoes! Garlic and onion too.
Tinned tomatoes with herbs.
My mouth was starting to water.
I was in a loving moood, so I decided to whip up something meaty for my husband.
I grabbed out my awesome Christmas present (it is so cute!) and popped some onion, sausages, garlic and the tinned tomatoes in chucked it in the oven. It looked so small in there.

(Please ignore the dirty dishes behind, I like to cook, not clean)

Then onto the food for both of us.
I roughly sliced the potatoes (was trying to entertain baby at the same time so I really didn't care for appearance).
Then into my big casserole dish went the slices of potato, followed by slices of onion and garlic and then more potato.
Pulled out the cream I got from my mum (and her gorgeous cows) and mixed it with some milk.
Poured that all over everything and then told my tummy to shush it had to wait until the food was cooked.

At this stage I looked into the dish and thought to myself "I need to have more than just potato and creamy milk for dinner, this can't be the healthiest thing around".
I know, silly brain!
I found some frozen spinach and sprinkled some around, poured the remaining tinner tomatoes on top and added some of my vege fake "bacon".
Lid on and in the oven!
Then after quite some time cooking, then more time with cheese and no lid......This emerged...

The smell was amazing, the taste was even better. I have never cooked a potato bake with a lid on and I will be doing that every time now! The flavours had been infused in the potato, mainly the fake bacon, and man it was goooood!

My man's food looked alright, smelt ok and I'm pretty sure he liked it too (the totally bare plate tells it all!).

Should get some time today to list a couple of things on my Etsy, it will take a while but I have an extra set of hands to help.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More stamps and a decision made...

We had an amazing sunset the other night...

The heavy clouds lit up as the sun slowly set after yet another wet day.
The puddles were like pools of pink fire on the ground.

After a pretty shocking morning (little girl has decided she is my alarm and it has been moved to 5am every morning for food and lots of play) I was happy to see my other stamps had arrived.
Yes, sad I know, when stamps are exciting, but I love getting nice mail of any kind.
I got some vintage car stamps & Australian wildlife.

Even the envelope they came in had some interesting stamps...

After finding my huge stash of resin I decided that now Eve is a bit older I will reopen my shop again. I have already made new things and want to just get all the old out!
I'll be giving things away here and in the shop with purchases so keep an eye out!
I took a whole bunch of new photos today using my gorgeous cupcake plate as background (I LOVE my plate!)
Here are some of the things I need to get rid of...

Now off to keep the little girl entertained. She has become so excited after learning how to stand up that she just wants to do it all the time and gets quite upset if I don't help her!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Stamps ahoy!

I was wondering if it was in any way normal to be excited over stamps? No. Oh good, because I don't feel I fit in that 'normal' category at all!
Today I got my package in the mail of Japanese stamps I bought off eBay. I think they cost me a total of $1 for a whole bag full.
So why would I want stamps?
One night while pondering what the next thing I could embed was, a light switched on and flashed STAMPS!
So I looked and found many on eBay for a very good price and after receiving my first lot I am rather pleased.
There are so many pretty, kooky and cute ones I took a few photos of course....
Oooo opening it up to see inside...

Some of the cuteness.

This one reminds me of Babar....Oh I loved Babar as a child!

We did some shopping today, our little girl is not so little anymore and is growing out of her clothes very fast as well as growing out of her toys! She is no longer amused by most of them and would much rather crawl everywhere instead.
So we bought her a few toys and some clothes (Wonder Woman jumpsuit SO CUTE!)

My lovely husband is working on Christmas Day (but might get off early) and they have told him he can wear a festive shirt if he likes so we went to 4 shops looking for shirts and found NONE! Only cheesey baby outfits which made me want to puke. I turned to my man and asked him...."Why are there no Nativity outfits? Or you think they have pissed Jesus off enough already with profiting from religion?"
We finally found a shop with a shirt and it wasn't too bad but the best part of all was the craft section. found letter beads which I have been looking for for so long (for my resin of course!) and some magnets too. They were awesomely cheap and make me just want to crack out my stuff and start gluing!
I'll just have to wait until the little one is asleep tonight and then away I go!

And yeah we found black tinsel it is AWESOME!

Oh and the little girl said her first word the other day....Mum! It melted my heart.
Today she crawled properly for the first time. It fills me with such love seeing her grow up and learn all these things we take for granted.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Resin adventures, out of the mold and in front of the camera.

So finally my arrows were ready to be unleashed from their prison cell of a mold.
I love popping resin pieces out, you get to see how they really look.
Though in some cases it can be a bit tough.
Note to self: Use mold release next time or pour shallower!
So here's my little arrows...

I just had to take some side view pics, they look so strange but tasty,

These I started a very long time ago (we are talking about 8 months ago!)

They are my egg fridge magnets. Though the yolk bit didn't come out the way I wanted I now know next time to wait a bit (very hard for impatient me) until the resin has gone a bit more gooey to pour. I was planning on doing a set of egg and bacon magnets but now I cannot remember how on earth I was intending on doing the bacon, all I can remember is thinking how awesome it would look. Not helpful!

These ones remind me of big lollipops. So bright and cheery and yummy looking!

This is my new whiteboard/scribblepad where some of my crazy comes out.....

It was filled with a lot more but I had to use it for a memo so my funny bits had to go....
I left this here as my hubby read the red one and laughed and looked at me and told me I was a crazy lady. Well yeah duh!

And these photos I just have to add....
The other day I had just popped my girl down in her room to play with her mountain of toys while I did some dishes. After a few minutes I heard a strange tapping sound....So I popped my head out and looked down the hallway...

She had the broom in her hand and was tapping away on the floor. Just as I approached she decided to taste the handle.....Oh yuck!
How kind of her to want to help mummy with chores.....
Later in the day she decided she wanted to help with the washing too...

She loves washing baskets. Loves eating them, sitting in them, pushing them.
And this morning she decided that I was not allowed to eat my toast and that she deserved it instead....She snatched it out of my hands and started stuffing her face....

Back off mummy! My toast!

I wonder where she gets all that cheekiness from????

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Resin? I remember you! (And a few other things...)

Well Oh My!
Today I got to play around with resin again!
My attempt the other day ran into some troubles when a friend popped over soon after the resin was mixed. We chatted, she left, I came back to find my entire container of resin had solidified.
Hmm not happy at all.
I guess I had not taken into fact the extreme heat and what that meant for my little bucket of fun.
Anyway, today I started again. I set up a little area....

And got to work doing the boring things I needed to finish (Christmas gifts blah labels).
Then after seeing how much resin I had mixed (Oh no, too much) the fun began!
I popped open this arrow tray and went crazy nuts with the sprinkles.

Then while they were curing I started on some other presents which had to be done by tonight as tomorrow they will be handed out.
I made chocolate bullet bark...

Chocolate Candy Cane Bark....

Here they are safely tucked away in the freezer (before adding ribbons) waiting to be eaten....

And this is just because it looks as good as it tasted (Yes I had to quality control everything-sigh so hard!)....

I did make another batch with white chocolate and crushed honeycomb pieces, but it was wrapped and put in the freezer fast as it was too much of a temptation.
And these are my substitution for cards...

They are photos I have taken and glued onto cardboard with lovely messages written on the back.
Much prettier than the santa nonsense that is everywhere!

Then outside to water my little container garden. I am amazed at how fast it is growing! The tomatoes I had were so good, teeny tiny but a million times more flavoursome than store bought.

Yes they are a bit wilted but it was a warm day, they just needed to relax a bit.
Mmmm this guy looks tasty....

Hey there! Hurry up and grow!

Much to my dismay after checking my plants I could not find any female flowers.... No pollinating for me then!
Awful photo I know, it is the white box that gets in the way.....But my pumpkins have sure come out of nowhere!

And my marigolds have started to sprout nicely...

Oooo look. Can you see it? Spot the herb seedlings?
Yummy coriander...

Well that is it for me.
I am tired.
Off to bed!

Friday, December 4, 2009

My (Attempt) At A Container Garden...

Lately I have really been trying to focus on my veges. I have never really had the time to get out and dig a proper patch or the funds to buy sleepers and soil to make a no dig patch. I recently found out where to acquire some old railway sleepers free of charge so hopefully soon we can find a trailer and pick some up. Then the real fun will begin.
My first reason for not starting a proper patch was due to the hope of us buying our own house and I was going with the "Why bother making a nice garden here when we will just leave it".
But with recent happenings I have decided to just do it. We might be in this house longer than either of us had hoped but at least we can leave something nice for the next tenants.
So up until now I have gone with ye olde polystyrene box trick. Our front verandah was the spot to be, with plenty of sunshine and close enough so that forgetful me would remember to water.

So here is my little set up:

(Please ignore the rubbish-it seems to be never ending and everywhere!)

My Roma tomatoes..Little thirsty after a hot day...

Hey there little guy!

My Crystal Apple Cucumbers and Mystery Squash (it was a mixed seed packet)

So excitingly empty boxes with tiny hints of seedlings emerging....Soon there will be plants in there...Such as lettuce, pumpkin (to transplant of course), strawberries, basil, coriander, mint, chives and some pretty blue flowers for fun.

So that was it. The grand tour of the front verandah and the many boxes, pots and general nonsense that cover it.
Maybe next time I will show you my seed collection... Like fabric, I have an obsession for collecting seeds. Lots of seeds. I would really love some heirloom varieties as I have store bought generic chemical covered ones.......Want to phase them out when I can afford to go crazy with seed shopping.

And just because I can......Our precious little girl is 7 and a bit months old, she will be 8 months on Christmas Eve.