Friday, July 6, 2012

Being Sneaky With Vegetables

I'm pretty sure that most people, especially mums, have heard of these sneaky cook books?
You know the ones, they put pureed beetroot in chocolate brownies and spinach juice in your eggs for breakfast.
I fell into the trap and bought one.
I looked at the recipes, inspired.
This was way back when my son was still on puree foods.
It was easy to sneak some of his cubes of frozen pear, carrot, lentils into almost anything.
But as he got older, the cooking changed.
No more puree on hand to throw into dinner.

I thought that maybe I could make a day of just steaming, pureeing and freezing.
I thought I could be organized.

Do you think it happened?
Not. At. All.

But I did find an easy, quick way, to add some extra hidden vegetables to our dinner...
I was making mac & cheese slice.
While boiling the pasta I grated a couple of veges that I had on hand and chucked them into a small saucepan...

 I put a dash of water in, gave them a stir and popped a lid on to let them soften.
I gave them a quick stir every now and then while I was getting the sauce ready.
When they were soft and a bit mushy, I quickly pureed them...

 And stirred into the cheese sauce...

The slice was a bit more orange than usual, but still tasted delicious...

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  1. This actually looks really delicious to me and something even we adults can use to get enough vegetables. I'm going to try it. Thanks for sharing the idea. Gail (