Wednesday, August 31, 2011

And Then We Play...

We haven't been to the park for a while....
Weather and chores have gotten in the way.
But yesterday, the last day of Winter, the sun was shining and the flowers in bloom.
I had just put my boy down for his first nap of the day and begun my usual routine of dishes and washing while my big girl watches Play School on tv.
Play School had a clip on of children playing at a park.
Eve loves the park.
She looked at the tv, then at me...
"Park? Play? Pleeeeease?"
"Play mummy, please!"
She begged me to go to the park.
I said "Ok, but we need to get ready while your brother sleeps. We will leave when he gets up, ok?"
All she heard was that first "Ok"
She ran to the door.
"Come on mummy!"
(She gets her patience from me)
I managed to keep her sufficiently distracted with getting dressed and packing the nappy bag.
She still ran to the door telling me to "Come on! Let's go!"

Finally the little man woke, fed and away we went.
We walked in the morning sunshine and lapped it up.

We arrived at the park and I was surprised to see a tradesman at work.
Finally the council had decided it was time to put a proper fence all the way around the park with a safety gate. Finally, parents can sigh in relief and not panic every time their child heads towards the boundary, only a metre or two from busy streets.

Eve is quick as lightening, out of the pram and begging to be lifted onto the swing.
She is up, and away and I pull out my phone to take some snaps of our adventures...

My little man loves his sister, just watching her smile makes him smile.

"Swiiiing mummy!"

Cheeky boy, grinning up at me from his cosy seat.

After a record short time in the swing (we have had issues with getting her out and sharing the swing because she would stay in it for hours if she was allowed!) she decided she wanted out!

"Seesaw mummy! Seeeesaaaww!!"

Now she is off and running, over to the big kids section of the play equipment.
Up the big stairs....

Running down to the little kid's end...

Ready to go down the slide.
I say "Cheese" She says "No! No cheese!"

Down and away she goes!

We watch...

I put the little man back in his seat and Eve calls out to me...
I venture up the stairs...

She follows close behind...

We clamber our way over to the big double slide... This is a favourite of hers, to hold my hand and slide down together...

Someone jumped the gun and went without me...
"Come on mummy!"

(Note the little girl taking off her shoes so she can run around in the sand with just socks on)

And then things get messy. I chase after her to remove the sand filled socks and to offer morning tea.
She happily has a banana even though her sand covered hands have made it a little crunchy.
She shows signs of being tired... I click the boy into the pram and she panics.
"No click click mummy! Nooo!"
She wants to stay and play.
But it is her nap time and she is exhausted.
I pull out the rest of her morning tea and manage to coax her into the pram with surprising ease.
We walk... She eats...
I go to take a snap of them sitting together in the pram...
I get told off.
"No mummy! Put it away! Put it away!"

We get home and the tantrums begin. I leave her in the pram while i rush upstairs to put the little man on his play mat and duck back down to find her still having a big old whinge so throw her over my shoulder and carry her up, trying to hold my laughter in. Her face is so cute and funny when she tantrums, it is difficult to stay serious...
She calms down and takes my hand...

"Nigh nighs mummy, nigh nighs?"

Yes my darling girl.
Nigh nighs.