Thursday, July 5, 2012

Desperate Dress Makeover

I have a confession...
I love bargains.
I really love online bargains.
I have snapped up many a bargain with online shopping.
Pants for $3 with free postage.
Assorted jewellery for 99c with free postage.
Gorgeous dress for $14, down from $69.

My latest buy was a dress, it was marked down again, and again.
I liked something about it, but hated something about it too.
I was lured in, and finally resisted the urge when it dropped to a staggering $3.
It looked lovely on the online photos...
When I got it, it looked the same.
But I knew it would be an unflattering design.
Nothing to show my waist, so I looked like a giant blue and black blob complete with ruffles.

Yes, I did have a moment of panic.
I did have a moment of doubt.
Could I rescue this??
I looked at it, and got out my scissors...

I chopped all the bottom frilly, puffy stuff off and was left with this.
I chucked it on, found a belt that matched and threw the remaining fabric around my neck as a scafr.

It is way too short for my liking, but with tights it will be much more comfortable! 
Though I have considered adding a little something to it, I just haven't decided yet!

Since I was on a role with sewing clothes, I dug out this old pattern from my never-ending pile of work in progresses...

I haven't taken many photos, as it is just finished and in the wash.
But as you can see by this photo, I changed it up a bit.

I love it!


  1. OH. MY. GOODNESS!! I love it! Fabulously done.

    1. Dont fancy sharing where you got the leopard dress from? :)

    2. I got it from
      They have sold out of that dress unfortunately (I can imagine everyone wants that kind of bargain!) but keep an eye on their online store as they always have great sales. There is a tonne of stuff for $8 at the moment.
      If you want to be really sneaky watch the online Westfield shopping site. That is where I got the $3 pants with free post from. :)
      And thank you so much for your other lovely comment too :)

  2. Holy cow woman! That is some handy work. If we were neighbors I'd be asking you to whip up my bargain messes into hot items too LOL. Keep up the great work!