Thursday, April 22, 2010

Birthday Cupcakes!

It's been a long day!
Up since 6am washing dishes, cleaning kitchen and dining room, cooking over 48 cupcakes, one round cake and icing and decorating.



Monday, April 19, 2010

Embroidery Patterns

Over time I have saved a lot of crafty stuff on my little laptop. I have tonnes of crochet, sewing and embroidery patterns and thought I could share some with you!
I can't tell you where I got most of these but I found that colouring in pages are great for embroidery as well as some of the brushes you can download for Photoshop.
I also have an album on my photobucket with patterns and things I have done:

So that is just a few I have! I'll pop some more up here soon!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Etsy New Listings

Yesterday I finally got some free time to list some of my newest resin.

The girl with balloons:

Butterfly at the beach:

Just a little bit of geekery:

I even managed to work up a quick new banner but it isnt my best. I dont have photoshop back on the laptop yet so I used Gimp. Still not used to it!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just A Few Photos

My little capsicum....

My biggest one is being eaten by something. Not happy!

Oh mummy I like gardening with you!

But can I take a photo?

Painted wire.

Discovering things in the pram....

What is under there?!

Horsehair in the fence.

Pak Choi seedlings.

Chinese Cabbage seedlings.

My big pumpkin next to my size 10 foot.

My smaller pumpkin.

My pumpkin that is rotting? :(

A little girl making funny noises.

Getting comfortable while mummy waters the garden.

Cooking Before 10am. Yes, I Am Crazy.

On Sunday I ran into one of my loveliest friends at church and made a date for morning tea this morning.
It was all planned, we would bake delicious goodies, set up our blankets of the lush green oval behind my place and let the kids play while we chatted and sampled the yumminess.

Of course I had forgotten that to make the pesto scrolls I had intended there was no way I could have dough made, kneaded, risen, kneaded, mixed with pesto, risen and baked by 10am.
My usual alarm (the little girl) goes off at about 6am every morning so I thought I could maybe complete this impossible task of scrolls.
But of course this morning was not the same.
I woke. Early. In my half asleep haze I looked up at tthe baby monitor. What? No sound? She must be asleep still. Check volume. Yes it is on. Well I am going right back to sleep while I can!

I assumed the most I would get was 5 minutes.
I woke to my husband's alarm at 755am. I looked at him, he looked at me. His face said "Why are you still in bed!?"
I grabbed the baby monitor. Volume was on fairly high.
Oh darn.
I guess in my half asleep haze earlier that morning I had changed the channel.
I switched it over and thankfully there was no screaming, just baby talk, chattering to herself.

I leapt out of bed, got baby up and fed and looked at the clock.
Hmmm....I had one hour to bake something delicious.
I made myself busy and by 10am (still in pjs) I had these:

Mmm yummy AND pretty!

Of course silly old me had a lot of cake batter left after doing one tray so a second followed and then I finally had the chance to use my star molds.

I love them.
They were given to me by the special friend who I was meeting with.

So I packed up the pram with blankets, cupcakes, bbig jug of cold cordial and cups and set off.
It was lovely.
We will be doing it again.
And again.
But maybe next time I will think ahead and prepare my dough in advance, so she can try my yummy pesto scrolls.

Oh yeah did I mention the little girl LOVES the toy I made her? :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Bread Making fun

When we went food shopping on Saturday I bought something I have wanted to buy for a very long time....

Proper bread making flour! A lot of it!

I sifted (oh yes haha lame joke!) through some recipes and decided to go with this one:
It was very easy to follow and my arms got a great work out with all the kneading.
The flour is very different from usual plain flour. It doesn't have that bleached crazy white look. It kneads up a lot easier and quicker too.
So this is what I ended up with:

The perfect loaf!
I didn't add any seeds as this loaf will be shared with our daughter but I will make some more and do some experimenting.
I also made a sweet chili and cheese loaf using a mixture of my mum's, grandpa's and store bought sweet chili sauces. My grandpa's one is VERY hot chili but tastes so good.
The silly husband pulled off a big chunk of the saucy, cheesey top and scoffed it down. He doesn't tolerate hot chili so that was a bit of a mistake! I had to remind him to eat th bread part too....To avoid fire in the mouth again.
Looks like another sunny day outside so what can I bake today?
Pesto and cheese scrolls?
Herb & Garlic loaf?
Spinich and cheese twist?
The options are endless!
Cinnamon scrolls?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Three C's. Crochet, Cooking and....Crappy Weather!

Yesterday I tackled some unfinished projects. It feels rather nice to actually finish things!

Though I would love to say it was sheer determination that made me do it there was another little thing helping me along.... Our internet was down. Well, not just ours! Our lovely service provider had outtages in almost every state! Just a tad frustrating but at least I got things done.

I dug this toy up I started for Eve a long time ago..... Finally stuffed it, popped some eyes on and finished up the head. My crochet was looking so messy at the top (silly me should have started the other way around but I was freestyle crocheting, had no idea what I was doing!) that I went the sneaky way of finishing and closed him up flat and gave him a weird head tentacle thing.

Getting the dog's approval...

Can I eat it?

I think I like you...Like like you.

I love this rainbow yarn!

I still have some left but I cant decide what to make!

Finished up this little baby blanket but a bit smaller than I had hoped as I ran out of one of the colours. Had a great suggestion of turning it into a cushion cover. Might do that!

It has come to that time of our-pantry-is-so-empty-so-is-the-fridge-what-am-I-going-to-EAT?!? We are due for food shopping this weekend so things have been getting creative the last few days. Though I am impressed we have made the food we bought last time stretch out so long.
So I rummaged in our big freezer and out popped a tiny little frozen mound of pizza dough. Mmmm pizza is nice for lunch on cold wet days. So I cracked open a can of flavoured tuna, cut up the last 3cm cube of cheese we had and threw it all on the dough. Baked for 20mins and out came perfection!

Eve saw my lunch and then refused hers. She stole a piece of mine and she loved it too!

I cooked up some pasta for dinner last night using some leftover sauce from the freezer but was hankering for something yummy for dessert....
I grabbed a bowl and started throwing random cake-like ingredients in. Mixed it all up, chucked it in a dish and popped it in the oven, hoping it would be edible.

I would have gotten a photo of before....But honestly I didnt have the time. It came out of the oven and was consumed while sitting in bed watching NCIS with the hubby. This is what was left this morning:

It was good, good, good! Yummy and dense, moist and chocolatey. I had put oats and ground linseed in there so it has a healthy side to it!

And that was a nice way to end the day.
Today I need to drag myself and the little girl up to the library to pick up some books and to probably pay a fine though I returned the books, I think the recent long weekend might have stuffed it up somehow. Oh well!
I just hope it doesn't rain on us..... Eve does not like being under the pram plastic cover. Don't blame her, I'd hate it too!