Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just A Little Update

I am here, back again!
So much has happened these last few months, all starting with a very sudden and rushed moving of house.
A very long and terribly boring story of why we moved....
I won't bore you, I'll keep it short.
My poor husband was working hard and getting paid a very low wage. Not enough to cover our bills, so we gradually slipped further backwards.
Not good at all. (Especially with another little one on the way!)
So we decided drastic actions must be taken.
He made numerous phone calls, and I made one.
He got a better job, with much higher pay. It was in Sydney (a mere 5hr drive away).
So we decided on the tough decision on him staying with his parents in Sydney and Eve & I staying with my parents in a small country town 8hrs drive away.
Not an easy decision, but we knew we had to do it.
There was no way Eve & I could fit in his parents house and my parents happen to have a lovely little converted honey shed where we have been living.
So we went for the cheapest living arrangemennts possible and made a vow to really throw everything at our debt.
So far we have done quite well, it hasn't been easy though.
The distance is too far, but it makes his visits even more special.

One of the many advantages of staying with my parents (apart from their lovely company) is that Eve absolutely LOVES it here.
She chases chickens, but the ducks get the most attention. They can waddle pretty fast when they need to!
She "Mooooo"s at the cows and calls them by name now.
She "BAAAAAAA"s at the sheep.
She loves all the birds and tries to mimmick their tweeting.
But I think most of all she loves having her grandma so close.
She loves to go down to the house every morning to steal some breakfast.
She loves helping grandma getting the bucket ready for milking time, and even keeps grandma in line by reminding her that it's milking time NOW!
She helps in the vege garden while we plant and weed, she digs with her spoon, chases our dog or picks flowers for us.
She has grown so much and her vocabulary is expanding almost daily! Of course she is very fluent in her own little yabbering language and not afraid to chew your ear off!

The not so little baby bump is going well, a little wriggler who is already being picked on by his (not sure if its a boy but we all think so) big sister. I am so blessed to have such an easy pregnancy so far, the only difficult thing is being so exhausted but having to run around after a toddler and keep her entertained too!

The next steps seem very uncertain right now, all I know is that I promised my husband we would live in Sydney for one year but before we can even think of doing that we need to find somewhere to live down there! Most importantly somewhere we can afford! Renting is not cheap down there, the frugal lifestyle will be back in full force! First step: VEGE GARDEN!!

Here are just a few photos of our journey so far......

A new found love for Babar...

Enjoying her grandma cuddles...

The "BAAA"s

The lovely surrounds...

Modelling the pants I made for her from an old shirt..

They started so small...

And these were taken a week or two ago, already much bigger now!

Here's the new little edition to the family....

He'll probably be just as helpful as his sister in cleaning up....

When there's a sweet reward!!

Plenty more photos to come soon!