Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rainbow Layer Cake - I Did It!

I did it!
Over two nights of busy baking I managed to make my first ever layered cake...
And of course I chose one which had 6 layers to it.
3 cake mixes
2kg of icing sugar
And here it is....

While I was slapping on thick oozing layers of buttercream frosting my hubby came to have a look....
He told me it was way too much icing, there would be thicker layers of icing than cake!
I told him, trust me, don't worry, it'll be fine.
I didn't tell him this was my first layer cake and I had no idea what I was doing.
I was going by eye.
If it looked like enough, then onto the next colour...

And look! I think the ratio of frosting to cake is perfect. Not too much, but just enough.
Now the fun part....
No, not eating it....
Giving a piece to my daughter and seeing the look on her face.
And of course I will have the camera ready.


  1. Wow!!! That is impressive!!!! So special!

  2. Your a talented lady Clare! I wish I could have been you cake tester too!



  3. I love all the bright and vibrant colors that you have in your cake, it has inspired me so much that i decided to bake my own cake with all different kinds of colors, and even though my cake didn't turn out as perfectly looking as yours I think that it did taste very delicious. So thank you you are an inspiration to everyone.
    Sincerely, Dominique

  4. Wow! What kind of icing did you use? Just ordinary buttercream? Like butter+sugar? It's so white? And how did it taste? Not too sickly?

    1. I just used buttercream :) Sometimes I use a little less butter and add a tiny bit of milk to get it to the right consistency. It tasted pretty good, not too sickly since I made the icing as thin as I could. The outside edge was quite sweet where the icing was thicker though. I couldn't eat mine!

    2. Cool, thank you for that response! I'm not sure what to do for the icing, I love things that look awesome but if you don't want to eat them I don't see the point! ;) What brand butter? Maybe it is the brand that helps keep it white?

    3. I just used the cheap butter, store brand. It was an off-white colour so not bright white, but against the bright colours it looked paler. I wasn't too fussed on getting pure white icing, I just wanted simple and easy. :)

    4. P.S. Any suggestions for how to cut through the richness of the buttercream?
      Also, I read that one person made rounds of buttercream and froze them then just layered them with the sponge so it wouldn't get broken up and it's easier. Based on your experience do you think that's a good plan?

    5. Maybe add less butter and more milk to cut through the buttery richness?
      I used to make basic icing with just one tablespoon of butter and either milk or water to reach the consistency I needed.
      That sounds like dedication! I like freezing the cakes and then when I am ready to build it, make a huge batch of buttercream and just frost as I add layers, I find that the easiest way. I think I would be too lazy to make pre-prepared rounds :P

    6. Yeah, I'm not sure it would save that much effort if you're freezing the rounds anywho. So can you make the rounds ahead of time and freeze them you think? Would they end up with much the same texture in the finished cake do you think? (Final question, I promise! Thanks so much for your help so far!)

    7. The rounds of cake? Yep, I made them ahead of time and froze them all separately in plastic wrap. I took them out and let them half defrost as I made the buttercream so when I was ready to assemble they were still cold and hard and not crumbly. I popped the whole thing in the fridge so they could completely defrost slowly and not cause any mishaps. Texture it was perfect, like fresh cake! I hope that helped answer your question :) I don't mind all the questions, it was a learning experience for me too!

  5. What did you use to make the darkest layer? I have to make a black cake and I have no idea how to colour it.

    1. I used a lot of dark blue and red food dye. Is it possible to maybe turn a chocolate cake black? Or maybe use some black gel dye?
      I tend to use lots of bright colours, but black sounds interesting! Would love to see the finished cake :)

    2. I'm thinking about making a chocolate cake and dye it more towards black with red and blue food dye. I don't know if it'll work, but I'm going to give it a try on friday. I'm making a cake with the german flag on it, so the layers will be the three colours of the flag when you cut into it :) I'm hoping it'll turn out allright, I'll try to get a picture of it!

  6. recipe for the icing?