Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Deep In The Archives...

Quite a while ago now, before my little man was born, my darling daughter & I lived with my parents on their beautiful farm while in the middle of relocating.

My husband was in the city, getting a job and house hunting.
It was a long drive up to visit us, and when he came we tried to make every moment count.

I loved cooking up yummy treats for him.
With our neighbour's mulberry tree dripping in fruit and an open invitation to help ourselves I experimented with them a lot.

My parents were often my test subjects, with the delicious mulberry and dark chocolate ganache pies I made their favourite.

A sweet slab of mango cheesecake slice was a hit with my husband's family when they came to visit.
And you should have seen the look on my man's face when he saw the birthday cake I made for him.
Mud chocolate with chocolate almond ganache covered in an assortment of treats...

It was impossible to slice properly but it was a decadent treat we all enjoyed.

Another creation using mulberries was my chocolate mudcake with a mulberry and white chocolate ganache filling.


I have only just dug up these photos, I had forgotten completely that they even existed.
I have a giant bag of frozen berries just waiting for experimentation...

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