Monday, July 25, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge

In my usual lazy browsing of Pinterest I came across this....

I thought, yes!
Yes, I will do this!
I will challenge myself, and I will start now.
So I grabbed my camera and looked at the list.
Ok, day 1, self-portrait.
Oh dear....
Find some good light outside, check.
Find a pose.....
What do I do?

Play with hair and pull stupid face?

Nope, not a fan....
Pull hair up with hand and pull ridiculous face?

Oh dear me! No!

Maybe brush hair off face and try to look effortlessly graceful while hiding horrible chewed fingernails...

Hmmm I don't mind it but my face is overshadowed by GIANT hand!

Ok, stop playing with the hair.
Deep breath.

(After a 5min photoshop fiddle)

I am happy with this one.
Now I can go inside and load it up on the computer....
Good timing too, it just started to rain.

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