Friday, July 1, 2011

I Heart Etsy - For The Kids

It is toy sale time.
I have been bombarded with sale, sale, SALE!!!
I have not been shopping.
There are a few things I would like to get for the kids for Christmas.
But none of those glossy catalogues have anything as beautiful as these gorgeous things I found on Etsy...

I am reduced to sighs of "oooohh, aaaaahh, oh how adorable!" whenever I see baby photos like this....And the super cute Baby Elf Hat adds that extra "awwwww"

Have I told you I have a thing for robots?
Well I do.
I love this Crochet Beanie With Robot Applique

I know there are onesies and shirts with ties on them in every colour combination imaginable.
I get it, it has been done.
But there is something about this Slate Grey Onesie With Tie that just has that "wow" factor.
And even better is you can choose from a vast array of tie colours and patterns!

Another thing I know has been done and done and done all over again....
Ribbon blankets.
But come on, this Dino Dudes one is just SO CUTE!

Now this shirt, it was one of those things I see and go "Ohgeewizzaroo that is SO COOL!!!"
Who could not love this Etch-A-Sketch T-Shirt??

Another thing I have noticed in all these toy sales is how obsolete wooden toys have become. It is sad to see them replaced by gaudy brightly coloured plastics.
I have so many fond memories of when I was younger, playing with my nana's wooden block set. The noise they would make as the clattered to the ground after another of my unrealistic architechtual attempts.
(Yes I was a girl who loved to make buildings)
But on Etsy, they still exist!
I fell in love with these gems...

Whale & Waves Play Set

Honey Comes From Bees

And these Woodland Forest Bookends are just too cute to miss!

So now I must drag myself away from the pull of Etsy.
Not an easy feat.....

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