Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Wonderful Wedding

The weather was cold, the rain was falling.
But we were excited.
Our close friend and his lovely fiance were finally tying the knot.

We arrived at the Nurses War Memorial Chapel right on time and started to mingle.
Inside had a beautiful large stained glass wall overlooking the amazing coast and ocean below.
We sat up the back, and waited in anticipation...

It was a beautiful ceremony, everything was perfect, everyone looked stunning.

After the ceremony we wandered outside and off towards our car, admiring the wedding car on the way.

We were stopped by an old familiar face.
A friend from years ago popped her head out of her car and called to my husband "Hey do you know much about cars? Mine won't start!"

This led us to finding the father of the groom and some other men and then....

Clutch start success!

We drove off to the reception venue and spotted this rather expensive car being towed away.... We had a giggle!

Inside was beautiful...

I love chandeliers!

We were early so I snapped a few photos while the place was quiet.

My seat...

My drink of choice...

Then the fun started!
A big buffet dinner which was amazing, a delicious dessert and all the usual wedding traditions.

Dancing, cutting of the cake and some very funny speeches.

We had so much fun.
And I photographed every moment!

The groom & I...

One of the most fun parts of the night..... They had a photo booth!!

Yeah, we had a great night out!
My amazing aunty and her sweet daughter babysat the kids all day & night for us, and we came home to a spotless house.
Eli had woken up for his bottle so I snuck in and fed him and popped him back to bed.
Eve had apparently woken just before we had arrived home, and had wandered out, tucked herself into our bed, and promptly fallen fast asleep!

We all collapsed into bed soon after!

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