Monday, March 12, 2012

The First Birthday

Finally the day arrived.
My little boy's first birthday.
The day before the party was spent cooking, decorating and list writing, checking off and hurried cleaning.
Oh and I should mention the driveway being dug, levelled and concreted too!

After having torrential rains, the weather cleared up to a perfect sunny with a refreshing breeze.

I started by cleaning up our little verandah, and getting the food table ready...

Zoom out little and we had balloons dangling from the roof.
They looked awesome.
Thanks to the hubby and father in law for doing those!

Inside the house was the big number 1 made out of photos of Eli...

And over the dessert/present table was a caterpillar balloon display...

My super awesome (and great photographer) dad took some photos of the food and drink I made...

Cob loaf dip that went VERY fast!
I will definitely post the recipe soon, it was so delicious.

Tropical punch that was delish! I also made a mixed berry punch which was very popular also.
Both went very fast, very popular!

The food fir the Very Hungry Caterpillar book theme.
Every food in the book was on our table at some point.

Complete with cute little labels which everyone loved.

I will have more photos soon, my camera sd card was filled up very fast, so my dad pulled out his camera and took over snapping away for me while I was busy in the kitchen...

(Pulling silly faces while heating up the pear and vintage cheese gnocchi)

And then the dessert table!

Gluten free cupcakes came out son after this photo and then.....

I usually do test runs to practice what kind of icing technique, piping tips etc I want to use....
Not this one!
I just went for it!
I am so happy with how it turned out, everyone loved it and wanted to take photos of it.
The cake itself was amazing, a sour cream chocolate bundt cake.
It was rich chocolatey and fudge lie with choc chips floating inside.

And even after such a long day, and without having a single nap...
My little birthday boy, my ONE year old, was still a happy little guy...


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks hun! It came out much better than I was expecting, so happy with it! :)

  2. How did I miss this post!!!! I have been waiting to see! What a Bday!!! And what a great big kitchen you have!!!!You certainly really ahd it all happenin! It looks amazing! I thougfht the caterpillar cake was a Choc ripple cake...Should've known you'd have something incredible laying within the icing. It all just looks magical and hope lil E had a wonderful day and did'nt end it like the hungry!
    Also was going to msg you about the sea bday ideas...You probley have seen already but if not have you seen the hotdogs cut to look like octopus legs?? xo

    1. It was a big day!
      Our kitchen may look big, but it is quite tiny, there is barely enough room for two people in there at a time!
      I was so busy cooking and serving all the food up, but now I know how to make things better for Eve's party.
      I have seen those hot dogs and they are definitely on my list of to dos! Let me know if you see any other cute ideas, I'm running low! :) xoxo