Saturday, March 17, 2012

I Like To Build It

Have you seen this amazing website, Ana White Homemaker?

Ana is such an inspiring woman!
She shows that anyone can make beautiful furniture, and more.
I love browsing through the tonnes of free projects and have so many on my to do list.

I wanted to get started, but had no idea where to begin.
I needed a power drill.
We went to the shops and decided on this one:

It is part of a system which all share the same batteries so when I eventually get a few more tools, they can all share and I won't need to buy many more extras.
The battery is fully charged within one hour and it is so lightweight and easy to use.

We zoomed around the shop and grabbed some basic supplies for my first project, Ten Dollar Ledges.

It was a learning experience, and it is definitely not perfect, but I am so happy with my efforts!

I did it a little different to hers, as I don't have a pocket hole jig, so I wanted to have all the screws underneath.

I had some scraps lying around so I made a quick basic frame which I have some grand plans for..... I will show you when I am finished!

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