Friday, March 16, 2012

I Am Sew Happy!

I love my mum.
She is so amazing.
I could go on forever and tell you everything I love about her...
But I won't (not today).
I'll just continue on with my story.

My sewing machine adventure ended with me without a machine, and waiting for the upcoming Mother's Day sales to snap up a bargain.
I'm not a patient person.
This taught me a lot!

After going through months of stress with my old machine and the repair failure, my mum was the only person who could understand how devastated I really was.
Generosity is one of my mums strong qualities.
She came down for a flying visit, and brought something for me...

It's an old clunker, but I love it.
It's the machine I learned to sew on, so many years ago.
Now I can finally SEW!!

Of course I have already made one thing...

I made myself a dress.
It was made from shirred fabric I had bought on sale a long time ago, so super easy one seam and finished!
I pulled out one of my many belts and voila, finished!

(It isn't easy taking photos of myself, I feel so awkward!)

But I couldn't resist when I saw the box of supplies for Eve's photo booth for her upcoming birthday party.


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