Friday, March 30, 2012

Keeping Busy With A Bathroom Makeover

Our bathroom was dark....

Our bathroom was gloomy, with it's faded plastic fittings, and it's falling apart vanity...

Every single person who has come inside has commented on the dark walls.
After being given the go ahead to paint whatever we like, I started to hunt.
I found an amazing website, Design Seeds, which is where my inspiration came from...

In the beginning we were worried how we could tie in the old brown and cream tiles with the room, and how we could manage painting the ceiling as well as all four walls.

When I found this colour scheme I had a light bulb moment!
The dark brown is the ceiling, the creamy brown is the tiled floor, and the creamy colour the wooden panel walls and the concrete wall from ceiling to wood would be the lovely teal colour.

So I painted the wooden wall panels, and scraped off old glue and rotting wood from the vanity...

The room was instantly brightened!
Light floods inside and I love every time I walk in there.

I did some practice with my new drill and some scrap timber and whipped up this little shelving unit to go on the wall next to the toilet.

I LOVE how it turned out!

We headed off to our local Bunnings, and were excited to find they had great deals on paint.
Including one where you get a free 1.5kg tin of M&Ms!

One thing I forgot to get was paint stripper! Ooops!
The concrete wall has three very thick layers of paint, green, pink and then white. It has grown so much mould underneath and the paint has been flaking off the walls in huge chunks. So it must come off!!

I have been in there every single day but today the progress has halted. So instead I have been whipping up some cute matching pj pants for my hubby & son.
A little nerdy, but that's how we like it. :)

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