Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cookies With Swirl

Yummoliciously yum!
I finally tried my hand at swirly cookies.
Remember my baking post over here....
I headed on over to Sprinkle Bakes and made two of her cookies.
I made a big batch of her cookie dough and divided it in two.
With the first lot I made these Strawberry & Vanilla Sprinkle cookies with the help of my little girl of course.

They taste very, very yummy....

I love the sprinkle coating!

Next I made up a batch of the Mocha Swirl cookies.

Though next time I think I'll try it with a shot of espresso instead. I'm not a huge fan of instant coffee flavour.

Mine are a little different as I used milk chocolate, not dark.
But it's ok, they still taste amazing....
Especially with a little dollop of the caramel frosting I made!


  1. I love the swirl cookies with the cute! :)

  2. Oh My Gosh!!!!!! Send some those rainbow sprinkly goodness my way! They are awesome!!!!! I amy even dust off the food proccessor myself and make those! You rock Girlfriend!

  3. Oh I am glad I'm not the only one who thinks they are pretty! :D I have had a hard time eating them since there was so much work involved and they are just so nice to look at :P
    Well Kylie I have already promised another friend some cookies in the post (she is Melbourne too!) so maybe I can whip up some more for you and your cuties :)
    Thinking I should go into business with all the requests made!