Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In My Kitchen

On the menu last week....

Mushroom, spinach and asparagus quiche.

I was sneaky and added some pureed vegetables.

And made a mini, and very rustic, one for Eve.
Of course little miss fusspot didn't eat it!

Then there was the delicious vegetable polenta pie.

This recipe is from my favourite vegetarian cookbook and made me fall in love with polenta.

Then sweet things.
Of course there are sweet things!

These pancakes were a delicious breakfast.

I started with my basic pancake recipe, but used wholemeal flour.
I added raspberries, oats and dark chop chips.
They were so good!

Then I made these rice bubble treats. A rip off of LCM bars but they taste SO MUCH BETTER!

And what else do you do with little blocks like that?

Make a little house of course!
(Please excuse my terrible Paint skills)

The recipe we used is HERE.

Today we made cupcakes.

Yes, more cupcakes!

Neopolitan cupcakes.

I wanted to make a neopolitan cake but cupcakes were a lot easier with the lack of time I had.

We played around with lollies to decorate...

My trusty silicone cupcake molds watched on...

The gumballs were my favourite decoration...

But they all tasted delicious!

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  1. Ahhhhh....I think I love You! Please Move to Melbourne!Haa.haaa...You make the best things and get up to so much crafty goodness!