Friday, June 17, 2011

Bake Yourself Silly!

I got lost again.
One Pretty Thing.
Crafty Food.
Let me just let the pictures do the talking....
(Oh and yes there are links to recipes and tutorials!)

This Crown Jewel Cake
..... I would make up an occasion just to have an excuse to make it!

And to match the royal theme... Pastry Crowns filled with Cheesecake Mousse, topped with Glazed Banana Bits.

And where can you keep all these precious crown jewels?
In a castle of course....
A Castle Cake! (Part II here)

Though I would want one of these in my moat to keep those pesky thieves at bay...

Ok, let's step away from the jewels, castle and shark and head on over to the beach...
Pudding Beach Cups!

What could be so lovely and refreshing at the beach?
These yummy Citrus jelly slices.

And a few more just because they look delicious...

Chocolate Party Spoons!

Because I have a strange obsession with sprinkles...

Colourful Spiral Cookies.

And if I am feeling the love for my caramel obsessed hubby...

I could make him up some Microwave Caramel Popcorn.

So now I need to keep myself busy so I don't go baking naughty treats....Looks like folding washing it is!


  1. I love it all but that watermelon shark totally rocks! I am making one of these for Christmas lunch this year!!

    Oh and teddies drowning in pudding oceans? Adorably gruesome :D

  2. How cool is it hey! I saw that shark and was in awe. I have to make it. Maybe next week.... Gonna be messy fun! :)

  3. already really baked thanks