Thursday, August 4, 2011

Good Morning!

Start the day with breakfast, and coffee.
Sweet, hot, strong coffee.
Maybe a cupcake or two?

Yes I know I showed you these already.
But what can I say?
I love cupcakes.
I love taking photos of cupcakes.

Starting to get sleepy.
Need another coffee.
A shot.
My famous mocha shot.
I lived off these when I worked as a barrista.
No time to sit and sip my favourite brew.
So the mocha shot was born.
This is what you need...

A shot of strong espresso.

(In a nice little cup does help)

Add some chocolate powder and a dash of hot creamy milk.

Stir and drink.
Fast or slow...


Next on the agenda?
Feed the fish...

Admire rainbow reflection on the bench from fish tank...

Play with the kids...

Take silly photos with the husband...

Of course there are boring things in between like changing nappies, feeding kiddies and doing washing.
But to end the day, we picnic at the nearby park. Lounging in the sun.

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