Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Family Weekend Away

I am so excited for this weekend.
It is my grandpa's 70th birthday and the whole family are going down the coast to spend a weekend together.
It is a beautiful place, only a few hours South of where we live.
Our family have always spent holidays down there, my husband & I used to take many camping trips before we had the kids. It is such a beautiful place to relax and unwind.

The last time we went down was years ago, before I had any fancy cameras, but I still snapped up some lovely photos at sunrise...

I have been put in charge of the birthday cake.
Apparently my baking is up to par, so I have designed, and started to bake, the custom creation.

My rough sketch is a bit messy, but you get the idea!
Since my family is rather large, I chose to use the Chocolate Sour Cream Bundt recipe that I used for my boy's caterpillar cake.
It is rich, dense, and tastes divine!
I figured that it would be good since we only need small pieces, it will go far!

I have to use my huge square cake tin to make two squares, and cut them into a football field shape.
With the remaining I will be making some delicious cake pops, hopefully in a football shape!

So my week will be full of baking (I also need to bring a dish to share for dinner one night) and hopefully a quick dash to the shops because I have come to the realization that I do not own a swimsuit!!
Oh dear!

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