Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wild & Windy Weather

The weather has been a little crazy lately.
A big old gumtree in our neighbours yard came crashing down with an almighty crack and fell into our backyard.
It didn't reach the house (Thank God!), it didn't damage the fence, but it crushed my father-in-law's shed with all his car bits and pieces in it...

Not good!
But it is ok, nothing terribly valuable in there. 
But we are now facing the mammoth task of removing the tree!
It's a big complicated mess with our neighbour, solicitors, and the not so helpful council.

But my task, lately, has been trying to keep the kids happy while being stuck inside!
We have been getting a bit crafty...

Eve has figured out how to take photos of herself with my phone...

We have taken the kids to the local shopping centre for play time with other kids in a big, fun play ground...

The really love these days!

Our cat, Cedric, has been super affectionate lately, he just can't get enough of me!
(Maybe he knows what is coming.....)

I gave the kids hair cuts, and decided to go back to having a fringe...

And for the first time ever I went and got acrylic nails!
I have very thin, weak nails that I have been trying to grow forever but they always peel and chip off, no matter what treatments I try.
Now I have super strong nails, but I still kept them short, so I can function!!

(I treated myself to a Lindt Cafe coffee afterwards!)

And when the sun shines in through the kid's bedroom window...

 We all lap it up!!

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