Sunday, August 5, 2012

Puppy Fever

My darling girl wandered over to me the other morning and jumped on my lap with a sad look on her face.
"Yes darling?"
*Sigh* "I need a puppy dog."
"You need a puppy dog?"
"Yes mummy, I do."

Oh dear, what do we do?
Both my husband and I love dogs.
We have wanted to get another since we sadly had to say goodbye to our last two.
They were our furry babies, and we loved them so much.

As you can see we do love small dogs.
Seeing photos like this make us all gooey inside with love...

(Though I have always wanted a Dalmation, ever since I was a little girl)

But, sadly, we cannot get one right now.
So, every time my girl sees a puppy, and tells me how cute it is, and how much she would love a puppy dog,  it pulls at my heart strings, but I have to say no, soon sweetie. Not yet.

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