Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Fluffy Addition To The Family

After weeks of discussion, my husband & I finally settled it.
We would get a puppy.
We called the surrounding animal shelters that we knew had small puppies (can't have a big dog here especially with little kids) and we were put on waiting lists.
We received message after message...
Puppy sold.
All gone to homes.
Sorry, none left.
We did want to rescue a pup, but it seems there were plenty of others who wanted to as well!
We had done some research into what breeds are good with kids, and found one that we both fell in love with:
Japanese Spitz.
Fluffy, puffy, balls of white fur with rounded bear-like ears.
But they were expensive, very expensive.
We put it off, and decided that we would wait.

One afternoon we decided to go for a drive with a friend of ours to the local pet store so Eve could say hello to all the animals.
She had heard all of our puppy talk and was so desperate to see one.
We got the to see an empty shop.
No puppies.
We had a quick chat to the man who runs the place and he said new pups would be arriving the following week.
Oh, what breed?
Japanese Spitz.
We couldn't believe it!
The one pet store was getting the breed we were after.
And for a bargain price, much less than every private breeder.
We went home and thought about it.
We had a week to decide.
We had shocking nights of sleepless kids and gave up on the idea of looking after a puppy.
But then we had Eve making up "The Puppy Song" and they began to settle.

So now, say hello to Bailey...

The kids are madly in love with her.
Eve loves to cuddle, and Eli loves to run around and play with her.

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