Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Madness

I am always overcome with this urge to make things.
I want to make some of these cupcakes:

And these beautiful coffee filter roses!

This gorgeous child's travel pillow:

This super pretty whirl it lampshade:

Crochet some of these slippers:

Make some of these delicate paper cherry blossoms (I even have the branches ready to go!):

I'll eventually get to them.... Someday!


  1. Oh Yum..thanks for posting about those cupcakes...My son & I made them today, was a challenge. lol They are delicious!

  2. With three little kids and a shift working hubby I too have soooo many things I want to do but don't quite get time for them.
    So my motto "make the best wait to do the rest!"
    Those cuppies look so yum!

  3. Just read what I could On your sidebar of your twitters( i have'nt got a account to read all)...Are you pregnant again???

  4. Oh Vi I'm so glad you made them! You have motivated me to make them, just need to check my pantry... :)

    Hehehe I MAY be pregnant again (haha as if that wasn't totally obvious!). I'm trying to keep it all a bit of a secret until I find out how many weeks along I am so I can tell the rest of our families. Though some sleuthy people have already figured it out.... Probably doesn't help with me giving it away so much! XD

  5. Just read your Bubbles post and came back to check if you had answered my "nosiness"....Yay!
    I totally get what you mean about seeing how far along and all,But my Gyno once gave me great advice...
    Just remember you are never alittle bit pregnant ...You are or are'nt...Whatever will be will be and it is time to Celebrate!

  6. Great piece of advice!
    I guess I just don't feel so pregnant yet as it's still so early. Though being constantly exhausted and a bit sick is a not so nice reminder! :)