Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Other Baby

She was tiny when we got her.
Still bottle fed, had severe diarrhea and loved the constant attention when a bottle was coming her way.

These days...........
She doesn't like being alone.
She steals the chook food.
She is a fussy eater.
She cries if she sees you walk past the window when she misses you.
She loves to play with our dog.
When she escapes she runs next door to play with the other dogs.
She thinks I am her mummy and gets very excited when I come outside.
She loves coming in the house. NOT allowed to at all but she sneaks in sometimes when I am juggling a gigantic basket full of washing.
She wags her tail when I pat her.

This is the most recent photo I have of her...... She was on her chain out the front but found out it reached inside. I heard her clip clop her way in and managed to haul her out before she made a mess everywhere!

So that is my little other baby called Esmerelda, or "Ezzy" as we call her.
She does get us in trouble, make a mess and too much noise but she is our cute little pet, a part of our family.

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