Friday, July 16, 2010

Crafty/Study/Spare Bedroom Makeover

This used to be our spare room.
It is my crafting space, my husband's computer space and also our spare bedroom.
Also known as a pig sty!
But after days of cleaning, sorting, hauling in a huge set of drawers and vacuuming again and again it finally looks good.

I still need to make some proper curtains....
The desk has a bit of mess, but it is much better!

I pulled out this set of drawers from our shed and vacuumed and wiped them down to shove all my fabrics and other bits and pieces in.....
On the top left hand side is my box of patterns (mostly vintage) and the middle is my work in progress box. A LOT of stuff in there!

The beds for our very infrequent guests...

Next to the single futon there is a big set of drawers which we filled with more stuff.....
And of course my dressmaker's mannequin and more drawers full of crafty stuff.

So there it is!
Still not quite child friendly but much better.

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