Thursday, July 15, 2010

Who Knew Bubbles Could Be So Much Fun?

This morning, while feeling utterly exhausted and a little bit sick I was overcome with a very strange urge to clean out my daughter's little container of kitchen stuff.
It has held her panadol, bottles, bowls & cutlery and needed a clean. Out went the bottles and all their bits and pieces. She has totally weaned herself off the bottle so no use now!
While cleaning I found a tiny bright yellow plastic bottle full of bubbly liquid.
I blew a few bubbles in the kitchen to see how Eve would react....
She loves them!
She ran around, chasing them, trying to catch them and being amazed when they popped in her hands.
I looked down at the floor and realized it was covered in slippery liquid. Ooops!
I quickly wiped it all down before any accidents could happen and took Eve off into the loungeroom onto our big shaggy rug.
Then the fun began......

What a cutie! She ran through them, tried to catch them then just sat and stared as they floated down around her.


  1. Gorgeous Photos and such a gorgeous little girl!
    My kids all love bubbles even my 7 year old!
    My Daughter got a battery operated bubble machine for her birthday ...such a hit!

  2. Oh I need one of those machines! I saw them at the shops once but thought it would be a silly buy.. How wrong I was! This morning I was struggling to keep up with the demand of blowing so many!
    I still love bubbles too :)