Monday, October 10, 2011

What An Eventful Weekend

This past weekend has flown by for us.
On Friday our main computer broke.
It broke bad.
We had a lot of fixing to do so I was using my back up.
My back up is a very old, and very unreliable laptop.
But it got us through and helped us fix the big one.
That night my husband was called in to help out at work for an hour or two.
Then he was asked to work the next day, Saturday, our big food shopping day.

Saturday morning came and my dear husband woke to his phone being broken, something we couldn't fix.
He went off to work, no phone, no way to contact him.
He was supposed to finish at 1pm.
He finished at 330pm.
By the time he got home it was a mad rush out the door to squeeze in the necessary shopping.
It was hectic.

Sunday I had big plans.
I decided that my girl and I needed a fun mummy-daughter day. I planned a big trip on the train into the city to visit Sydney Aquarium.
Sunday morning we got up, dressed, organized.
I checked the train timetables.
Then I noticed a little announcement...
Track work all weekend.
Buses replace trains.
Please allow for extra travel time.
I hate buses.
I haven't been on a bus for years.
I dreaded the thought of hauling my girl and a heavy laden pram full of supplies for the day onto a bus.
I checked for wheelchair accessible bus times.
I thought, "What the heck, I won't let this ruin our day! Let's go!"
So we did.
It was an adventure.
But when we got to the aquarium, it was well worth it to see the look on her face.
The excitement with every turn.
She loved every minute of it.
She was so well behaved.
Even when I decided to walk 30mins there and back instead of getting on another bus for one stop.
Even I got excited when I walked in the door and saw they had the LEGO sculptures still on display from last school holidays.

Oh yes, I love LEGO.

So many beautiful fish...

Eve got excited when she found "Nemo" and was showing all the other children.

The big tank towards the end was amazing.

So many fish as well as sharks zooming right by us...

I had an amazing time out with my girl.
We headed home quite early. She was tired, and so was I.
The day wasn't over for me though.
I had a dinner planned with an old friend.
We went to the local pub which had renovated their bistro.
The food was delicious.
The dessert was AMAZING!

I figured after such a long day of walking, and carrying Eve through half of the aquarium, I deserved a little treat.
It was a delectable sticky date pudding.
The texture was light and fluffy and rich and moist.
The sauce was divine.
I must go there for date night with my hubby!

Since our weekend was so busy, I am now catching up.
All those terribly exciting things we wish didn't exist.

This week on our meal plan (yes, I do it, it saves us a bundle) I am making some of my favourites from my vegetarian cookbook.
Oh yes, I am giving away a copy of the awesomely delicious book!

Please enter the competition. It is easy, and trust me, this isn't the boring kind of book which relies of lentils and no flavour for meals. It has the best cheese souffle recipe I have ever found in there. It is one of our favourite "treat" meals. Not so healthy, but we serve it with steamed veges to lighten it up a bit.

Mmm.... Now I want some cheese souffle!

Anyway, check it out over here. There are also links to the yummy recipes I have shared on this blog from the book.


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