Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Love Your Heart, With A Tick

Remember this post back here?

Well, we went on a food shopping expedition, and yes, when you have two small children it really is an expedition to buy food! But the plus side is that while you are busy rushing to get everything and get out before the little ones get on the tantrum train, it leaves less time to put impulse items in the trolley. Handy!

This week I went looking for the tick. The tick from the Heart Foundation which basically means the product is good for your heart. If you'd like to read more then head on over here.

So I started off with the basics. Milk, cheese and margarine (instead of butter).

I chose this for the "buttery" flavour.
To be honest, I wouldn't get it again. There were cheaper alternatives with the tick still and the taste was not for me. It reminded me of the very artificial buttery popcorn taste in those microwavable bags. Yuck!

But it still went well on toast for my little girl....

And I used it for cooking...

To make this yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs for me...

Then onto the cheese.
It tasted good, like normal cheese, just a little less creamy. But I didn't mind, I am not a big fan of overly creamy foods.

(Blogger is doing that fun rotate my pictures thing again....)

I made myself a yummy cheese, salad and tuna sandwich for lunch...

And it was yummy good!

After all that shopping, and many other errands, I thought it would be handy to have a quick microwavable meal in the freezer for those nights I am too tired to cook another meal.

It looked alright... It was easy enough to make while suffering serious sleep deprivation!

Though I really didn't need any more mess in my microwave.

The verdict?
Small portion size but still filling.
The sauce had a great taste, with a little spicy kick.
The fish was delicious, soft and flaky. Perfect!
The vegetables were the let down. There could have been more in there and the capsicum was beyond mush.

Tonight for dinner is a favourite of mine. Grilled fish with couccous and vegetables. Quick, easy, healthy and yummy!

Next on my "must try" list is this tuna and vegetable bake...

Exercises of the day...

Get rid of those lunch lady arms and do some standing up crunches, easy as!

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