Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10 Things You Really Don't Need To Know About Me

1. Me & heights do not mix. I get nervous just seeing things like this...

2. I have always wanted to do a photoshoot like this with me and the kids. I have so many photos I want to take, but never do.

3. I love hugs. I am a very affectionate person.

4. I don't have my driver's license. But I love vintage cars.

5. Computers can be my best friend but also my worst enemy. Sometimes I wish they never existed (Gasp!).

6. I am terrible with money when influenced by others. If it's just me I am a frugal queen, always saving, never spending. If my husband asks if he can buy something, I always lose that battle.

7. I love the idea of a tropical island getaway, but I am unable to sit still and do one thing so the thought of doing nothing all day bores the heck outta me! Thank God I have kids to play with now, no more lying there sun baking and deliberating whether to jump into the icy water.

8. I hate blogs or websites that are over the top and unorganized. You know the ones. They have oodles of ads running down the page, the "follow my blog" is hidden at the very bottom of the page, they don't show the full post, only enough to make you want to read more so you end up with 50 tabs open of things to eventually read, the background is black, the background is so bright it could glow in the dark. I am a fan of simplicity, but not boredom. I don't like washed out with no colours at all, it is like the life has been sucked out and I find myself bored just looking at it. I could go on, but I will stop there.

9. I love vintage fashion, mainly from the 50s-70s. Someday I will sew up a retro inspired wardrobe of vintage glory!

10. I hate super muscly men. It grosses me out. Of course a bit of muscle is nice but this kinda thing makes me vomit a little in my mouth...

I grabbed this from Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim who was tagged by Rachael from It Must Be Coffee Time! Like Chantelle, if you want to join in please do on your blog or in the comments. Would love to have a read about your ten things.

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  1. Hello Clare!
    So sorry you couldn't leave a comment on my blog. Fingers crossed I have fixed it.
    Only just made the blog live yesterday and am still working some of the kinks out.
    There are so many things in your list that I agree with! I am so bad with heights, terrible. However I do want to do the Sydney Bridge Climb. Eventually. Go figure!
    I love my computer too but think that at times I rely and spend a little too much time on it!