Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nap Time Activities

Today my laptop died.
The battery I mean.
No big deal..... If my charger wasn't busted.
The cable on the charger had been slowly falling apart but I had managed to fix it with tape, you just had to move slowly near it or it would click back to battery and frustrate the crap outta me!
Silly me must have left it and bumped as I went as when I returned the screen was blank, lights were off, nobody home.

Good thing we had found a replacement charger on ebay for $11 with free postage. Weeee!! Now I just have to wait 7-14 days for arrival. Hmmm!
So my usual nap time freedom is taken up by relaxing in bed, surfing the net on my trusty lappy, reading blogs, oogling at other crafty goodies and checking my emails.
Today I must say I was lost. I wandered around the house contemplating what to do...
I walked out to the letterbox and got the mail.
Hmm 5mins down....40 to go....

So I decided to just sit at my crafty desk space and fiddle with whatever I found.

I found a jumper I had begun to sew for Eve at my mum's place and had stopped after my attempt at stencilling in a hurry had bled through and made an awful mess.
So this is what I came up with to hide the hideous:

And yes, there will be matching elbow pads!

I just need to sew it all on and finish the neck and sleeve openings with ribbing.

Then I found some ribbons, fake flowers and super glue..... Mix that with some of my resin pieces and voila!

Of course just as I finish typing this the little girl has woken up......

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