Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hello Cold Snap!

The heavy clouds that loomed in the sky for a week finally disappeared.....
Then the real Winter weather came along!

Frosty footprints....

Let the thawing begin!

Even weeds look pretty covered in icicles.....

Icy puddle.

The water in our pipes is frozen this morning so no water for us!

Yesterday we had a big day of cleaning and re-arranging. The study door now closes! We had to have the computer so close to the doorway so internet cables would reach but with some clever arranging it is now tucked under the computer desk. Much better! Now our guests can close their door and keep a little warmer!
I got stuck into Eve's room, cleaning and packing away old baby toys and clothes.
I moved her cot, swapped out her drawers for bigger ones and took out the archair I used to feed her in.
I'll take photos today and then you can see the window quilt I made for in there which has made a big difference in keeping the heat in!

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  1. I posted some cvery similar piccies...It has been no more than tops of 6 or 7 degrees here through the day Nights are well below zero...Brrrrr...Is the word!