Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Very Sick Household

This week has been a sniffly one.....
Poor Eve got sick from another child at our playgroup and it got worse and worse....
Little girl would not eat, only drink watered down juice.
For one whole day she was so miserable looking, she just wanted cuddles.
She couldn't walk straight, her nose constantly run and she sneezed and coughed her way through the day.
But we were there to give her as many cuddles as she needed.

She was feeling much better today, she managed to eat a little food and was much happier and talkative.
Pity me and the husband are now horribly sick!

My week got worse when I heard some sad news.
My Great Nana had passed away.
I was very upset.
I had wanted Eve to meet her but we never had the money to fly down to Melbourne to visit.
She never got to meet her Great Great Grandchild. But I did take some comfort in knowing that all the photos I had sent her were up on her wall of family pics.
But life must go on.....
So I made comfort food...

Did not help at all but it sure tasted good.

Here are the pencil case photos I promised in my last post...

Of course I drew the flowers and leaves, she scribbled some pretty bits here and there.

Anyway I am dragging my sick self to bed.
Night all.

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  1. Oh Dear Not good at all.
    Sick Kids are always such a worry and I hope you both get well gaian soon as I am sure Little Missy is feeling full of energy which is hard then when your not!
    My Nana died just three days before my Baby girl was born so I know that deep hearted sadness of them never seeing ...Meeting....But I am sure They watch over us.