Monday, May 31, 2010

The Return Of The Polka Dot Dress And Some Other Yumminess!

This morning I made my daughter do some modelling for me....
I made her try on the polka dot dress from yesterday.....

It was way too big!

She wears store bought size 2 but I guess silly old me should have measured her.
I think I wanted the surprise.
And at least she will grow into it.

This doll I made for her when we were at my parent's place...

She loves it...

Food in our house is pretty scarce at the moment. It's those last few days before pay day where every meal is a creative concoction.
We have no flour, eggs, butter, milk, powdered milk, cheese, hardly any vegetables (carrots and cabbage and frozen peas which I loathe) and the pantry is almost bare.

So for dinner last night I scoured the pantry and found a few things I knew I could put together to make something yummy.
I ended up with a can of tomato soup, lasagne sheets, frozen spinach which had thawed in the fridge, a carrot and my imagination.
So here it was...

And I have to say it was DELICIOUS. I am glad there was plenty left over, enough to freeze some for Eve and some for our lunch today.
I do have to admit we have some milk. My mum gave it to us from her cow a long time ago and it was frozen but once thawed the fatty solids seperate and won't mix back in so it's only really good for cooking.
Making the white sauce without butter was new for me but it tasted petty good!
With the only cheese in the house a tiny packet of long life dried parmesan I was also pretty surprised it cooked up nicely on top.

And of course it just isn't right in our house if we don't have something sweet to ssnack on. My dear husband is a big sweet tooth.

So all I could find were rice bubbles, a packet of Reese's pieces Blake's parents bought us (not a big fan of them, they have been sitting in a bag for a month or two...) and a half a block of Cadbury Tiramisu chocolate. We bought the chocolate ages ago when they were on special for 99c each and I think we ate too much and just got sick of it!
After melting and mixing here's what I got...


Then I found a recipe in a kid's cookbook for marshmallows and had to try!

I think I should have beat them a bit longer as there is a little jelly layer on the bottom but they still taste good, but a bit too sweet for me.

But today there won't be any cooking (except dinner of course-which is still a mystery!), I am in the process of sewing another dress for Eve with another vintage pattern and would like to start cleaning out the pantry (easier to do it now when it's almost empty!) but we have to go for a drive today as my husband has a job interview.


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  1. You dinner looks quite yummy considering the things you did'nt have on hand:)
    And Eves dress looks cute...Too big is okay,She'll grow,too small would've been a worry!