Sunday, June 27, 2010

Isn't It Funny?

Last night I asked my husband a difficult question...
"Should I make a chocolate cake or use the plain cake packet mix?"
He straight away went for chocolate.
No surprise there.
Then I said to him...
"But I could do something cool with the plain one, I could do cupcakes, pretty cupcakes....RAINBOW CUPCAKES!!!"
We decided to do both!
The chocolate cake was easy, fast and done in no time, iced and in the fridge ready for whenever a sugar hit was needed.
The cupcakes we seperated the batter, coloured and spooned out...
We chatted while we cooked and I threw around the idea that we keep the cake and take the cupcakes to church the next morning.
I had wanted to do some yummy cooking for church before but never had the time.
We decided yes, we would take them with us to share with all our wonderful friends.....
But we had a problem....
There were not enough cupcakes from that one mix...
So we pulled out my cupcake recipe book and mixed up a plain cupcake batter, coloured and poured.
They came out a bit greasy from the huge amount of butter and didn't rise quite as much and were a lot darker..... But still yummy!

We arrived at church right as it was starting, as usual, and I ran off to the kitchen to leave the cupcakes down there for after the service.
When it came time to head on down to morning tea our friend came up to us and asked if we had seen another lady there. Apparently they had switched kitchen duty so she didn't bring any food and the other lady hadn't shown up.
Well, good thing we brought the cupcakes!
They didn't last long.......

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