Monday, May 24, 2010

My Week Away

Last weekend I packed up a mountain of clothes, highchair, pram, baby food, fabric and books and set off on a holiday with my little girl. We went up to my parents farm for the week.
It was so good to have another set of hands to help me throughout the day. I got to sew, relax and had some nice quality time with my parents who I don't see very often due to distance.

Of course all of the things I made were for Eve. I made up a big window quilt to help insulate her room since the nights have been getting colder and colder.
I made pants, a jumper and a doll.

These are some cute ones I made with a zipper, elastic wait and cute littlle floral button.

The fabric I bought myself for my birthday.

The button I found at an Op Shop.

Some very cute little tiger print leggings.
(Yes she was stealing her daddy's lunch at the time of photo taking but it kept her still!)

The pants I designed for her using the small bits of fabric I foound at an op shop.

Eve had so much fun, she loved all the animals.
She would get so excited every time she heard the ducks quacking.

And she loved the cows, she would get up close and pat them with her grandma.

Here she was running across the paddock towards them, squealing in excitement.

Overall we had a great week, though a few days before we left there was an awful accident and the family dog of 15 years died. He was a sweet old dog, loyal to the end.


  1. Oh How cute does your little model look!
    How great to be able to just sew something!!! Me and sewing machines are not good friends:)
    Your Mum and dads place looks great!

  2. Glad you popped by my blog,And it is You who Inspired the cupcakes in such designs....I was scrolling through your blog yesterday when I found your blog post!
    And Yes Pin the cherry on the cupcake was hilaroius fun!:)