Sunday, May 2, 2010

Party Time!

Last weekend was the birthday party for our little 1yr old. The cupcakes travelled 5.5hrs in the car and most looked the same when we arrived. Some of course had somehow escaped their covering and took in a bit too much sun, followed by some slipping around and melting together.

The weather was a concern. When asked what our back up plan was if it decided to rain I responded with "Um, we don't have any other plans. It's this or nothing!"
The morning broke with heavy grey clouds. Oh no.
But I told myself that a lot can change from 7am until 1pm.
And it did.
We arrived, the sun broke out and blue sky dangled above us.
More family than I imagined showed up and we had a lovely time.

The birthday girl was very adventurous. She just wanted to walk everywhere.
Sometimes in circles, making me dizzy, but mostly exploring the beautiful gardens.

She played with balloons, popped them and reached for more, no tears involved.

Instead of eating her special star shaped cupcake she immediately reached out for a green one, squishing off half the frosting with her little hand.

Everyone LOVED the muffins!

They still tasted fresh after 2 days.

She looked so gorgeous in her ladybug dress, we even had some fascinated tourists come right up to us to look at her....

It was such a big day for such a little girl it was no surprise she got a bit tired and grumpy when it came time to opening presents.
All she wanted was a mummy cuddle...

So we opened the presents fast and then as people started to leave the grey clouds shifted back and started to sprinkle. Perfect timing, what a miracle!
So we said goodbyes, and wandered to the car, chatting as we went.
The birthday girl was snuggled in my arms, looking up at all the trees and fell fast asleep.
So beautiful.

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  1. Oh what a little doll!!!!
    Look at her ladybug tutu! so Gorgeous!

    I actually used your cupcakes as Inspiration and could'nt remeber who's blog I saw them on,Now I know it was you!
    We too made them as I had many of the same toppings already in the cupboard....My princes though was turning 5.
    Glad the weather was kind to you too