Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Additions To The Family

There is yet another reason my mum is amazing........ She sent us home from our latest trip with four chickens!
I have wanted my own chickens (for eggs not meat) for as long as I can remember.
Here are our gorgeous girls....
This one is a bit shy....

These two were just hungry.....

And this one, look at her pretty feathers!

Today is another cold and windy day, with dark clouds teasing on the horizon.
So for dinner tongith it will be pumpkin soup! It really is perfect soup weather.
I decided to roast my pumpkin with some garlic, onion and herbs to see if there is much of a flavour difference.....

From what I tasted I can't really say there is any difference to how I usually cook my soup (boil the pumpkin).

Being stuck inside in this cold weather has kept me busy in the kitchen.
Yesterday I baked two loaves of plain bread, onee of which is almost completely gone already!
I made a coconutt raspberry cheesecake a few days ago which was divine. Sadly it didnt last long enough to get any photos.... I'll just have to make another one! :)
I did manage to get a photo of this yummy slice I made, I found the recipe on the back of a Rice Bubbles box and it is good!

Usually when the house goes quiet I know Eve is up to something she shouldn't be!
The other day I snuck into the loungeroom and caught her sitting in the bamboo steamer I was given with her eyes glued to the tv.....

Today I heard some funny scratching noises.... She had gone into our bedroom, opened the cupboard and pulled out one of my necklaces. She then put it around her neck and was walking around the house....

The necklace is so long it was scraping on the floor...

But she was having fun....


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  1. Oh Look at your new "Girls"....Our girls seem to be on a egg laying Hiatus at the moment! Grrr!
    I too made Pumpking soup,But in the slow cooker...Ate it for dinner and froze two big tubs full.
    Your Little girl is a real doll