Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Amazing Mother

If I said my mum was the best, it would be an incredible understatement.
She is much more than that, I could go on for hours telling of the wonderful things she has done and the skills she has taught me.
I inherited my craftiness from my mummy. We have so much fun looking through fabrics, patterns and op shopping for those rare gems you find. Only my mum understands why I get so excited over zippers, buttons or patterns so old the edges are barely held together.
So for Mother's Day this year I was stuck.
I wanted to make her something but what?
She is so skilled she can make anything I can, even better!
So I went with this beautiful blossom tree embroidery design.

Originally it was going to be a cushion, but my mum has about 20 cushions on one couch so I knew it was not necessary.

So I popped in some pretty fabric and left the creating up to her!
I can't wait to see what she puts together.
I love you mummy!

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