Sunday, May 30, 2010

Little Polka Dot Dress

When I was on my break at my parents place my mum & I did some Op Shopping. Oh what fun we had! In all the little girl clothes and fabrics, shoes and zippers I managed to snap up some very gorgeous, very vintage sewing patterns. (Also knitting which I don't know how to do....Yet!)

This cute little girl dress one caught my eye..... Adorable!
I just HAD to have it.
I just HAD to make one for Eve.

So last night I went diving into my fabrics and came out with some very cute polka dots.
I started pinning, cutting and attempting to get my sewing machine to work at construction.
My machine is not working so well at the moment.
But I managed to get it to sew.
The stitches aren't very nice but it'll do for now!
Tonight I finished the construction after last night's efforts were halted by a bent needle and me getting too tired to notice then getting grumpy when I finally did.
So here it is, with horrible night time photos....

I just had to put it up on here, I love it!
I am so happy with how this came out.
Of course there are a few things I would have done differently.
Running out of the perfect ribbon for the waistband got me a bit peeved.
Since my model is fast asleep I will have to wait until tomorrow to try it on her.
I have no idea if it will fit but I guess we'll see!

So what do you think?

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